WWE 2K22 PS5: MyRISE and Showcase will look incredible on next gen

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The latest WWE 2K22 PS5 news wasn't exactly a look at the gameplay on next gen systems. However, we did get a glimpse of the game modes that could look incredible on next gen.

The game modes MyRISE and Showcase showed off incredible graphics in their recent reveal and a new feature that puts players right in the action.

Here's everything we know so far about whether WWE 2K22 on PS5.

Latest - Showcase & MyRISE revealed

Two game modes have been revealed for WWE 2K22 and we expect they'll look incredible on PS5. This is especially true of the Showcase mode that mixes gameplay with live-action, full-motion cutscenes.

You'll experience objectives through the eyes of Rey Mysterio, the games showcase superstar, and cover athlete. You'll face tough wrestlers such as The Undertaker and it will mix in real footage from their match.

WWE 2K22 PS5
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LIVE THE LIFE: Experience wrestling like never before in showcase

In MyRISE, you'll have more choices now than ever to really build the WWE 2K22 PS5 superstar that you want. Choices like being the heel or the face and plenty more. You'll also have over 50 hours of gameplay!

To learn more about MyRISE, follow this link. To learn about the Showcase game mode, head here.

Will WWE 2K22 be on PS5?

With so many major franchises, and basically every major sports franchise, making the leap to Next Gen, it's no shocker that fans are hoping WWE 2K22 PS5 will continue that.

There were high hopes that the cancellation of WWE 2K21 would mean that they'd jump to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with WWE 2K22, but now that possibility is in doubt.

Rey Mysterio prepares to perform his signature move
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SLAM: WWE 2K22 could make a splash on PS5

A recent job posting showed developer Visual Concepts only now hiring an engineer with a focus on helping develop the series for Next Gen, so the reality is WWE 2K22 now looks unlikely to hit PS5.

While many were hoping to get a WWE 2K22 PS5 version when the title launches in March 2022, it now seems they'll be left waiting for WWE 2K23 to make that step.

We've got more details here on that job posting and why the step towards Next Gen looks to be off the table for WWE 2K22.

Next Gen could see upgraded graphics

One of the earliest things we learned about WWE 2K22 and their potential leap to Next Gen is that they're using the same face-scanning technology as NBA 2K22.

Visual Concepts has been widely praised for the graphics quality and visual representation of gameplay in NBA 2K22, even if some of that title's gameplay and game modes drew more criticism this year.

You can see that facial scanning system in action here:

This lines up with the details listed in the Next Gen job posting by Visual Concepts, but it looks like this year these scans may just be on Current Gen.

Gameplay & Feature Reveal Trailer

While we haven't gotten a pure WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer just yet, the latest "Hit List" revealed some major features and new gameplay details.

We also got our best glimpse yet of gameplay footage, but likely won't see more until they drop the major reveals in January.

When the trailer was shared by the official PlayStation account, it was tagged as "PS4" and not "PS5," potentially further confirming that this title will remain a Current Gen exclusive.

WWE 2K22 Roster Reveal

So far, the only confirmation we've gotten of certain WWE superstars making the WWE 2K22 roster is by seeing them on display in trailers and gameplay footage.

However, we can expect an official WWE 2K22 roster reveal ahead of the title's release, potentially as early as January 2022.

This will be particularly intriguing as the reveal could potentially include multiple superstars previously contracted with WWE that are now fixtures of AEW television.

We've got more details here on how the WWE 2K22 roster is currently shaping up and which superstars from WWE 2K20 look unlikely to return.

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