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WWE 2K22 will likely land on PS5 this year

As we near more expected news regarding WWE 2K22, we can expect a big announcement surrounding next gen consoles.

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Although we haven't heard much yet, here's everything we know so far WWE 2K22 on PS5.

Will WWE 2K22 be on PS5?


With everything moving to next gen, WWE 2K22 won't be left behind. Other studios are already making next gen versions of their game, so WWE 2K22 shouldn't be far behind.

This will be the ninth game under the WWE 2K banner, and what better way to celebrate a milestone than by bringing it to the PS5?

If you're looking for some behind the scenes content for WWE 2K22, check this out:

It would seem as if the Visual Concepts team is putting in a lot of work here. They wouldn't need to do as much if they weren't planning a next gen reveal.


Next Gen could see upgraded graphics

For starters, WWE 2K22 is already using the same face-scanning technology as NBA 2K22. That tells us they plan to bring the same level of graphics to WWE 2K22. We also know that many current gen systems can't handle those graphics easily.

Check out their facial scanning system tweet here:

This points to them bringing WWE 2K22 to next gen consoles, and it's certainly an expectation at this point.

Teaser Trailer

A full WWE 2K22 gameplay trailer hasn't been released yet, we've already gotten a taste of the upcoming game. It features one of our favorites of all time, and can be seen below:


Needless to say, we're excited to see more about WWE 2K22. Although there's still plenty of info to come in due time, fans are on the edge of their seats already.


Roster News

There could be some big names missing from WWE 2K22 when the game comes out. Of course, much to the disappointment of fans, talent has been leaving the WWE in recent weeks . The most notable recent departure is Daniel Bryan.

Bryan is a 4-time WWE Champion and 12-time Slammy Award winner who has recently departed from the WWE. Odds are, he won't be included in the next installment of the WWE 2K series.

Rey Mysterio prepares to perform his signature move
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SLAM: WWE 2K22 could make a splash on PS5

There will be some legends returning to the game though. We've already been able to confirm Ric Flair and Booker T becoming part of the roster.

Want to find out more on roster updates and potential characters missing, head here.