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WWE 2K22 PS4: Release Date, Current Gen upgrades and Unlockables Guide

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It's time to jump into the ring in WWE 2K22 and our biggest question is about the WWE 2K22 PS4 version.

We know that next gen systems receive a lot of attention, but what about the current gen systems? We also have the Unlockables Guide that you need to get a head start.

Let's go over what we know so far about the WWE 2K22 PS4 version of the game.

Latest - Unlockables Guide in WWE 2K22

Unlocking all of the content inside of WWE 2K22 is going to be a goal for many players as they start to play through the game. The good news is we have a guide on how to do it.

There are dozens of extra superstars and legends to unlock, most of which seem to be through VC purchases or completing objectives in MyRISE and 2K Showcase.

WWE 2K22 PS4 Unlockables
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UNLOCKABLES: Here's how you can unlock some of the WWE 2K22 Legends

There are 41 members of the roster that are unlocked as VC Purchasable, we've attached a few of them below:

  • Andre The Giant - 1,000 VC
  • Beth Phoenix - 1,000 VC
  • Big Boss Man - 1,000 VC
  • Bobby Heenan (Manager) - 300 VC
  • Booker T - 1,000 VC
  • Bret Hart - 1,000 VC

In total, you'll have to spend 37,900 VC to unlock all 41 of the VC Purchasable superstars. There are also at least 17 more members of the WWE 2K22 roster that you can unlock through the 2K Showcase. For more on the Unlockables, follow this link!

WWE 2K22 PS4 Gameplay

One of the most impressive parts of the video above is the gameplay enhancements we noticed. The game looks incredibly smooth and this isn't even the finished product!

We'll get to see more looks at the WWE 2K22 PS4 gameplay as we near the release date, which is set for March of 2022. Hopefully, we get a full current gen console gameplay trailer.

WWE 2K22 PS4 gameplay footage
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CUTTING EDGE: The gameplay is going to be incredible in WWE 2K22

Here are a few key changes that we know of so far:

  • Redesigned Gameplay Engine
  • New Controls
  • Immersive Presentation
  • New 2K Showcase

There are also going to be some game modes making a big splash when WWE 2K22 is finally released.

WWE 2K22 Game Modes

We know that most of the standard game modes will be returning to WWE 2K22, but we did notice that there are a few special modes that will make their debut.

One of the game modes we're most excited to see is MyGM (GM Mode) and the revamped Creation Suite. As we near the March 2022 release date, more details on each of these modes will be revealed.

WWE 2K22 PS4 Creation Builder
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CREATION BUILDER: A revamped experience is on the way!

The excitement around the game continues to grow as more is revealed and some players are no longer worried about microtransactions.

From what we can see, WWE 2K22 is going to be received really well and the WWE 2K22 PS4 version could be a huge hit.

WWE 2K22 Release Date

As we mentioned above, the early release date is March 2022. Although a specific day hasn't been set, we expect that it'll be somewhere around mid-March.

More trailers for the game will be on the way soon and the official price of the game should be announced as well. Until then, please enjoy the original WWE 2K22 reveal trailer.

We have our own list of stars that we feel could be potential cover athletes. We've also done a deep-dive on the potential roster, barring any new cuts.

To read more on the WWE 2K22 cover athletes, head here. To check out an early look at the WWE 2K22 roster, follow this link.

Is WWE 2K22 on PS4?

The first question a lot of people were wondering was if there would be a WWE 2K22 PS4 version available. This is especially concerning because plenty of games are focused on next gen.

The great news is YES! WWE 2K22 is coming to PS4, and it was confirmed by a posting of their feature reveal trailer on the official PlayStation account titled "WWE 2K22 - Hit List Trailer | PS4", check it out below.

If you're as excited as we are about that short trailer, you'll be even more amped to know that we'll get more gameplay and details as we get further into January of 2022.

The great part about this trailer is that it reinforces the idea that the WWE 2K22 PS4 version will receive a ton of attention as well. Now let's talk about some of the features of the video.

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