WWE 2K22 PC: Update 1.06 general gameplay updates coming to PC

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With WWE 2K22 released PC players should be happy to know that there is a new update that will provide some gameplay updates.

Although the patch notes haven't been officially released, we do have a few details surrounding Update 1.06.

Let's go over what you can expect from WWE 2K22 on PC.

LATEST - Update 1.06 available now

The latest update for the WWE 2K22 PC version is available now, you can download the 368 MB file on your system today.

We're going to make sure we deliver the patch notes to you once they're available, but it was noted that "logo use, create, ladder bridges, and general gameplay" were the targeted areas.

It would also seem that from the above tweet that they're monitoring how online interactions are going. Hopefully, they find a way to make the network more stable with Update 1.06.

To learn more about the update, be sure to follow this link.

WWE 2K22 PC Release Date

The WWE 2K22 PC release date is set for March 11th, 2022. It will release simultaneously on all platforms which is great because PC players will be able to play on day one.

After WWE 2K20 was a relative disappointment, we expect that the WWE 2K22 PC version will be leaps and bounds better. Especially with the roster and latest announcements.

WWE 2K22 PC Gameplay
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INSANE GRAPHICS: PC players are going to love the feel of WWE 2K22

The gameplay for WWE 2K22 is already looking incredible and we can only imagine how great the WWE 2K22 PC version is going to run.

They really focused on the mechanics this time and are also bringing a cross platform element into the game as well.

Cross Platform Community Creations

This is a huge step in the right direction for crossplay in WWE 2K22. Though no crossplay functions have been officially released, we will have Cross Platform Community Creations.

How far this extends will likely be determined as we near the release date. However, it has been confirmed that these features will be in the WWE 2K22 PC version.

WWE 2K22 PC creations
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CREATE YOUR SUPERSTAR: You'll likely be able to share creations with your friends!

This means, regardless of your platform, your WWE 2K22 PC creations will be able to be shared with friends on other platforms.

This inclusivity is exactly what the PC players needed to make them feel like a bigger part of the community.

WWE 2K22 PC Gameplay & Reveal Trailer

We know you're all anxious to see some WWE 2K22 PC gameplay, but for now, we only have the reveal trailer. However, there is still a ton of information packed in the trailer.

We should receive some strict gameplay trailers for WWE 2K22 very soon as the hype continues to build around the game. For now, check out the "Hit List" video:

Within the above video, you'll see a few reveals of potential gameplay. So far, WWE 2K22 looks incredibly smooth and we're hoping for a strict WWE 2K22 PC trailer soon.

Pre orders are now available for WWE 2K22 on PC, let's get you set up with the links below.

Pre Order WWE 2K22 on PC

After looking over all the latest WWE 2K22 PC reveals, you'd probably like to pre order the game. The great news is that pre orders went live on January 21st, 2022.

Thus far, we've only found one place where you can pre order the WWE 2K22 PC version, but we expect more soon. The pre order price for WWE 2K22 is $59.99 for the Standard Edition.

WWE 2K22 PC Pre Order
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EDITIONS: There are a total of three different WWE 2K22 Editions

The great part about WWE 2K22 is all three editions of the game are available on PC as well! Some of the details haven't been revealed yet, but we're sure they'll be worth it.

Here are the prices and Steam pre order links for WWE 2K22 on PC:

As we learn more about the details of each edition, we'll keep you up to speed with all of the perks and rewards available.

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