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WWE 2K22 Crossplay: Will it have cross-platform Community Creations?

With the game now official, there's plenty of speculation about WWE 2K22 crossplay and how this year's platforms could interact.

With cross-platform Community Creations now in the conversation, here's everything we know so far about WWE 2K22 crossplay.

Cross-Platform Community Creations confirmed for WWE 2K22

In what may be the biggest news for content creators so far, we've learned that WWE 2K22 will include cross-platform Community Creations.

While it may not seem massive on the surface, this is a huge step forward for the series due to the constantly growing community of creators.

WWE 2K22, like previous titles, will allow players to create custom wrestlers, arenas, and championships which they can then upload for other players to download and enjoy.

However, in the past things were locked to each specific platform, and that meant die-hard creators would be forced to recreate those same creations on a separate platform if they want it to be accessible to more gamers.

WWE 2K22 crossplay cross-platform community creations
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CROSS-PLATFORM: Get your creations out to every gamer possible

Fortunately, that's all changing as WWE 2K22 will introduce cross-platform Community Creations for the very first time, as confirmed in a new developer interview.

That means players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will all be able to upload to Community Creations and know that every WWE 2K22 immediately has access to that creation.

While WWE 2K22 may be understandably focused on the world of WWE, there are wrestling in AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, and all over the independent scene that gamers will want to use.

This could include wrestlers who would've been part of the WWE 2K22 roster until their departure, like The Undisputed Era, which can now be created and more easily shared out to all gamers.

WWE 2K22 Crossplay: How will online gameplay work?

This is the area where we know the least right now, as even the previews of WWE 2K22 game modes and minor descriptions and details have avoided it.

WWE 2K22 crossplay is a possibility, but it's one that Visual Concepts has yet to comment on or float as an option.

There's been no discussion or mention so far of online play in WWE 2K22, so right now we can't even confirm if competitive or friendly online multiplayer will be part of the game.

WWE 2K20 had an Online Lobbies system for online multiplayer, but that hasn't yet been mentioned for WWE 2K22.

It seems like a no-brainer to include, especially if they're able to introduce an online co-op or competitive mechanic for MyGM or MyFACTION, but we're stuck waiting for more news.

Following the latest announcements, Visual Concepts stated that video content to include deep dives on game modes and the roster reveal will arrive in the coming weeks, but we don't have a more concrete date of when to expect those.

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