WWE 2K22 Cover Star reveal could be very soon according to new report

WWE 2K22 is only a few short months away, but one new report indicates we could finally be due for a major reveal about the game's Cover Star.

Here's everything we know so far about when the next WWE 2K22 reveal could take place according to a new report.

WWE 2K22 Cover Star reveal could be soon according to new report

As much anticipation as there's been for WWE 2K22, unfortunately the actual news or details on the title's upcoming release have been very scarce.

Following their "Hit List" revealing some of the game's core features, Visual Concepts and WWE Games have been relatively quiet.

They did confirm at that time that more information would arrive in January 2022, and have stuck to it so far, though many are curious when that news will come this month.

We'd initially expected reveals close to the Royal Rumble near the end of the month, but things could be a bit sooner according to a new report by Fightful Select.

The report states: "With WWE 2K22 releasing soon, announcements will start rolling out for the game soon. We're told that there will be a cover athlete reveal next week, but don't have details as to who the planned name is."

This is the first potential news indicating exactly when that next reveal might take place, though Fightful Select didn't have specifics on when that WWE 2K22 cover star news will land next week.

There's been no official word from 2K Games, WWE Games, or Visual Concepts about this announcement, so as of now this report remains unconfirmed.

WWE 2K22 roster continues to be in question

While WWE 2K22 gameplay may end up being most important for the game to avoid becoming the internet's favorite punching bag like WWE 2K20, it's the roster than many fans are watching closely.

With the recent departure of Jeff Hardy and the continued release of multiple superstars by the company, it's left many wondering who will even be left by the time the game is launched.

WWE 2K22 cover star reveal report
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THE BIG QUESTION: Many want to know who will actually be in the game

There were some WWE 2K22 leaks last year indicating that the releases actually hindered potential DLC for the game and affected the choice to delay it, but none of that has yet been confirmed.

With so many major stars leaving the company while the game was being developed, and some even showing up in AEW, we took a closer look here at the likelihood that former NXT stalwarts The Undispued Era could end up in WWE 2K22.

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