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Will Undisputed Era be on the WWE 2K22 or AEW Video Game roster?

WWE 2K22 is still a few months away, but constant flux between their roster and AEW has raised big questions about how the next game might look.

With the AEW Video Game already in development, here's everything we know about whether Adam Cole and company could still end up in WWE 2K22.

Will Undisputed Era be on the WWE 2K22 roster?

WWE 2K22 is set to launch in March 2022, but that's far from when the game was initially planned for a release date.

Visual Concepts and WWE Games last delivered a new sim with WWE 2K20, and since its release in late 2019 we saw the cancellation of WWE 2K21 and the postponement of WWE 2K22 after already being announced.

WWE 2K22 was initially expected in October 2021, and if it had been released then we would've absolutely seen Kyle O'Reilly included in the WWE 2K22 roster, as he was still under contract with WWE at the time.

Bobby Fish would've been a less sure inclusion as he'd been released by WWE on August 6, 2021 and appeared with AEW on October 6, 2021, but it may have been too late to remove him before launch if WWE 2K22 had kept an expected October 2021 release window.

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BAY BAY: Adam Cole was included in WWE 2K20

Adam Cole was in a similar situation, as his contract expired on August 27, 2021, but debuted in AEW on September 5, 2021 and would've left Visual Concepts a little more time to potentially remove him.

Now, with WWE 2K22 pushed back several months, that gives WWE Games and Visual Concepts plenty more time to determine whether or not they wish to include released superstars.

Multiple reports have indicated that roster cuts negatively affected the development process and may have fueled the decision to delay the title's release, and now there's the reality that Undisputed Era has essentially gotten back together in AEW.

You can find more info here as we looked at whether Jeff Hardy and some other released WWE superstars might still make the WWE 2K22 roster.

Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish should all be in the AEW Video Game

While their potential WWE 2K22 roster inclusion is still very up in the air, we can all but guarantee that Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish are likely to arrive in the first AEW Video Game.

While details have been few and far between, we know an AEW Console Game, currently without an official title, is in development by AEW Games and legendary wrestling game developer Yuke's.

The title has a potential 2022 release, but even that isn't set in stone, and we've only seen a glimpse of a few in-game roster members so far.

However, the best indicator of the AEW Video Game roster is actually the already released AEW Elite GM mobile game.

This mobile GM Mode simulator has a packed roster, but it's been confirmed that they can only include contracted AEW talent in games, leaving one-off legends like Juventud Guerrera, Nick Gage, or Minoru Suzuki less likely to earn them a roster spot in the game.

However, it also means basically all contracted talent can be included in the title, and with three of the four Undisputed Era members (sorry Roddy) now in AEW and officially signed, it's highly unlikely they'd be left out of the game.

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