WWE 2K22 Cover Star: Where does Big E rank in our Top 6 predictions?

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While the release date is still a few months away, it's never too soon to think about the WWE 2K22 Cover Star and which Superstars could take that honor.

We're looking closely at the top 6 current WWE Superstars who could become the official WWE 2K22 Cover Star when that announcement finally arrives.

WWE 2K22 Cover Star Predictions: Top 6 Most Likely Superstars

We likely won't learn about the WWE 2K22 Cover Star until January 2022, but that potential reveal is getting surprisingly close as we creep up on the final month of 2021.

Thanks to the Feature Reveal Trailer landing earlier this week, we finally know WWE 2K22 is bringing back MyGM as GM Mode along with a ton of other exciting new features on the agenda.

However, that reveal gave us little indication of who Visual Concepts and WWE Games might have in mind for the eventual WWE 2K22 Cover Star selection.

Their uncertainty could also be fueled by the continued flood of newly released WWE talents, as it looks increasingly likely that WWE 2K22 will feature people no longer under contract by the time it is finally released.

The question of who might be the WWE 2K22 Cover Star is also complicated by the cancellation of WWE 2K21 and delay of this year's release.

While a repeat cover star is rare for most sports games, it might not be too farfetched considering how much WWE has changed since WWE 2K20 released in late 2019.

Without further ado, let's take a look at which WWE Superstars have a shot at being the face of WWE 2K22.

6. Charlotte Flair

While she's firmly at the bottom of this list, don't overlook the possibility that Charlotte Flair could get the spotlight for WWE 2K22.

Through no fault of her own, choosing Charlotte Flair is a risk when her father Ric Flair was exposed as a sexual predator just months before when this game would arrive.

Charlotte has also reportedly had tension with WWE management in the recent past, but all of these things actually fuel why Charlotte could be chosen.

However, with her undeniably successful career and current reign as champion in mind, WWE could push to put Charlotte Flair on the cover of WWE 2K22 in hopes of making the Flair name more widely synonymous with her instead of her father.

5. Rey Mysterio

While he might not look like the favorite at this point, the most obvious and logical choice based on everything we've seen about WWE 2K22 would be Rey Mysterio.

WWE 2K22 Cover Star Rey Mysterio
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From the initial teaser back at WrestleMania 37 all the way to the most recent trailer drop, there has been a clear focus on Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio also appears to be the focus of the new WWE 2K Showcase in WWE 2K22, and it's hard to argue against picking a legend like him as the WWE 2K22 Cover Star.

4. Bianca Belair

While her most recent stretch on SmackDown has been a bit wobbly, few WWE Superstars had a bigger year than Bianca Belair.

From winning the Royal Rumble to main eventing WrestleMania 37 against Sasha Banks and holding the SmackDown Women's Championship for 133 days, Belair has been phenomenal.

With her success at last year's Rumble and likely focus in the next also fueling the possibility, Bianca Belair would be a huge pick as the first lone female cover star.

3. Sasha Banks

Even when she takes some time away from the ring, nothing stops Sasha Banks from potentially being the biggest star the company has today.

Whether she's main eventing pay-per-views or donning the helmet in The Mandalorian, Mercedes Varnado's presence as Sasha Banks is undeniable.

There has been a significant social media push for months on end to get Sasha Banks chosen as the WWE 2K22 Cover Star, and even now she remains one of the best choices they have available.

2. Roman Reigns

The only performer in all of WWE that could be argued as a bigger mainstream star today than Sasha Banks is Roman Reigns, and "The Head of the Table" has dominated SmackDown for 446 days and counting.

Roman Reigns was in the conversation for WWE 2K21 Cover Star before it was cancelled, and he's remained a favorite to be WWE 2K22 Cover Star as well.

WWE 2K22 Cover Star Roman Reigns
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There's no denying the hold Roman Reigns has had over the last year, and the definitive face of SmackDown would be an understandable choice to be the face of this gaming franchise.

As the icing on the cake, there's also the possibility that WWE 2K22 could do another combo or ensemble cover, which for Roman Reigns could even include The Usos and Paul Heyman.

1. Big E

While there are plenty of solid choices, there's only one correct one, and the clear favorite for WWE 2K22 Cover Star is reigning WWE Champion Big E.

While a longtime fan-favorite along with The New Day, Big E didn't find himself as a true main eventer until he captured the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year.

Two months after winning that opportunity, Big E cashed in to defeat Bobby Lashley and become the new WWE Champion, and he's been on fire ever since.

Whether it's a combo cover with Kofi Kingston and King Woods of The New Day or one featuring Big E by himself, the current WWE Champion looks like the perfect choice to be WWE 2K22 Cover Star.

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