WWE 2K23: How to make your own title

wwe 2k23 create a title

wwe 2k23 create a title

WWE 2K23 has plenty of iconic titles known to generations of wrestling fans. In this year's game, players can battle for multiple titles, and even download unique ones in custom creations.

However, players can also create their own titles. A title belt that is 100% developed by them and that can be used in most of the WWE 2K23 game modes.

So, let's find out how players can create their own titles in WWE 2K23.

How to make your own title in WWE 2K23

A title is the most prestigious object in wrestling. It symbolizes glory, triumph, and greatness, among many other things.

The dream of every WWE superstar is to win a title, with the WWE Championship and the WWE Universal Championship being the most coveted.

Creating a unique title is something every wrestling fan wants to do and WWE 2K23 provides players with that opportunity, allowing them to create a one-of-a-kind title.

How to make your own title in WWE 2K23
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The WWE Championship is one the most important titles in wrestling

To start creating your title, you need to go to the creations tab of the WWE 2K23 main menu.

Then, select the championship icon and click on it. After that, choose the custom championships option.

In the custom championships menu, you will be able to customize your title in every way possible.

You can change the design of the title template, front place, side plate, or even the strap.

It also allows you to change the colour of the front plate, and add an image of your choice to it.

There are images you can download from custom creations and apply to your title.

How to make your own title in WWE 2K23
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You can create unique titles such as this one which was created by u/vinny42

Uploading a specific image you want is also possible.

The title name and the entrance superstars will do while holding it can also be personalized.

This feature allows you to create an astonishing title, and then assign it to a superstar.

Titles you create can also be used in the Universe mode.

Fans can create a whole story around their custom title, and make it the most coveted price in WWE 2k23.

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