Wuthering Waves Echo Summon Event Guide and Walkthrough

Wuthering Waves Echoes in the Echo Summon Event banner.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Echoes in the Echo Summon Event banner.
Credit: Kuro Games

With Wuthering Waves launching in just under a month, players have the opportunity to secure a free 5-star Echo in a pre-launch Echo Summon Event!

Wuthering Waves is poised to become a contender among popular gacha games, boasting a stunning cast of anime-style characters and a vast world waiting to be explored. But what truly sets it apart is its robust combat system. Players can absorb the power of various monsters called Echoes, each offering a unique active ability. When used, this ability temporarily transforms the player and unleashes the Echo's special power.

Without further ado, here's how to obtain a free Echo upon launch through the Wuthering Waves Echo Summon web event!

Echoes in the Echo Summon Event Guide

The world of Wuthering Waves is under attack by monstrous Tacet Discords! Lend a hand in the Echoes in the Echo Summon Event and secure a powerful 5-star Echo, Astrite, and other valuable rewards. The web event runs from April 29 to June 5, 6 pm (UTC+8).

Wuthering Waves Echoes in the Echo Summon Event "Missions" tab.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Here’s how to take part in the Wuthering Waves Echo Summon web event:

  • Click this link to access the Echoes in the Echo Summon Web Event
  • Log in with your Kuro Games Account (the same one you'll use for Wuthering Waves)
  • Complete daily and special missions to earn free summon attempts
    • This includes pre-registering for Wuthering Waves, sharing the event, and following Wuthering Waves' social media
  • Check the "Missions" tab on the web event page for a complete list of tasks. Please note that daily missions reset at 11:00 am (UTC+8)!

How to Obtain 5-Star Echo

Let’s dive into the methods to obtain Echoes in this web event and how to lock in the Echo that you want to redeem when the game launches.

Use your Summons

  • You can use your earned Summon attempts to pull for Echoes on the web event's home page
    • This event allows you to summon all COST1 & COST3 Echoes (up to 5-star rarity) available in the game's initial version (V1.0)
  • Every summon guarantees you an Echo, and doing 10 Summons at once gives you a discount (1 attempt less)
  • All Echoes in this event have fixed sub-stats:
    • COST1: ATK (%) & HP
    • COST3: ATK (%) & ATK

Redeem Echoes

This Echo Summon Event also offers a unique way to team up with friends and fellow players to expand your Echo collection! Here’s how it works:

  • Click the "Share" button under the Echo’s card in your Backpack to generate a QR code or link and share it with friends or other players
  • You can share up to 5 different Echo Gift Cards daily
    • Each card can be redeemed by up to 10 players, so spread the love!
  • You can redeem up to 5 different Echo Gift Cards shared by other players per day
  • Both sharing and redeeming attempts reset daily at 11:00 am (UTC+8)

Please note that the link for each Echo Gift Card expires within 24 hours of it being generated. Expired links cannot be redeemed!

Wuthering Waves Echoes in the Echo Summon Event "Backpack" tab.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Once you've amassed a collection of Echoes in your Backpack, follow these steps to secure your chosen Echo:

  • In your Backpack, find the Echo you want and click "Select" to reserve it (This will showcase your chosen Echo on the home page)
  • Feel free to adjust your selection at any time before finalizing
  • Once you've made your final decision, click "Lock" to reserve your chosen Echo
    • This action cannot be reversed, so choose wisely!

If you don't lock in an Echo before the event ends, the Echo currently displayed on the event’s main page will be automatically sent to your in-game mailbox after launch. If you don't have an Echo displayed by the event's conclusion, you won't receive any reward.

Essentially, to claim your free Echo, you must have your desired Echo on display and reach Union Level 8 in-game.

Which 5-Star Echo Should I Lock In?

While the Echo Summon Event lets you grab a free 5-star Echo, deciding which one to lock in can be tough! Not sure which Echo complements your desired character? Check out this fantastic infographic guide by u/MichuWW on Reddit! It offers detailed insights on which Echo to pick based on element and character kit compatibility.

Echoes recommendation infographic created by u/MichuWW on Reddit for the Wuthering Waves Echoes Summon Event.
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Credit: u/MichuWW

While the choice is ultimately yours, many players recommend locking in a golden 3-Cost Echo. These high-rarity Echoes boost your early game progress by filling your Echo Data Bank faster. Lower-rarity Echoes are easier to capture in-game, and boss encounters often provide the best Echo abilities anyway, so prioritizing a 3-Cost Echo appears to be the most economical choice!

Echoes in the Echo Summon Event Rewards

Alongside your free 5-star Echo, as you gather Echoes during the event, you'll unlock fantastic rewards delivered to your in-game mailbox upon reaching Union Level 8. Here's a breakdown of what you can earn:

  • 6 different Echoes: Astrite x50
  • 12 different Echoes: Advanced Resonance Potion x3 and Advanced Energy Core x3
  • 18 different Echoes: Astrite x50
  • 24 different Echoes: Advanced Sealed Tube x2 and Shell Credit x20,000
  • 30 different Echoes: Shell Credit x30,000

That concludes our guide for Wuthering Waves’ pre-launch Echoes in the Echo Summon Event!

Interested in learning more about Wuthering Waves? We've got you covered! Check out our Wuthering Waves hub here, which details its release date, supported platforms, characters, gameplay mechanics, lore, and more. On top of that, learn all about Wuthering Waves' gacha and pity system here.

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