Will the Shadowlands Weekly Reset Feature a Big Patch?

World of Warcraft is in a very busy period coming off of some massive announcements at BlizzCon 2021 for both Shadowlands and WoW Classic alike.

WoW Classic's next chapter, The Burning Crusade, was confirmed at the event - but more importantly for retail players, we also learned plenty about the next Shadowlands update.

Let's count down to the Shadowlands Weekly Reset, and look ahead at what's next.

WoW Shadowlands Weekly Reset - March 2

A new week means plenty of things in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Server Downtime

The Shadowlands Weekly Reset will begin at 10am EST on Tuesday, March 2nd.

While this server downtime is scheduled to run to 11am EST, delays happen, and if a significant patch is revealed, it could take several hours. Stay tuned for updates on the downtime period.

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Patch Notes

Most Shadowlands weekly resets help push new patch changes live, which always has players counting down the minutes until servers come back up.

WoW Shadowlands Sylvanas Anduin Prison Cutscene
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TURNING POINT: The Shadowlands story is getting interesting

Unfortunately recent weeks have been very quiet for WoW Shadowlands updates, but that may change this week.

Stay tuned as we update with the latest news around Shadowlands updates, including any hotfixes that could be announced around 8pm EST.

Below is the latest set of Shadowlands patch notes, which went live February 24th:

Creatures and NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Burster in Revendreth was not resetting each day to give players another opportunity at her loot.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the door to Sire Denathrius' chamber to remain closed if Prince Renathal and General Draven began fighting loyalists prior to the door opening.
  • Timewalking: Black Temple
    • Illidan
      • Fixed an issue where Parasitic Shadowfiends would sometimes not reset after the encounter ends.

Items and Rewards

  • Renown weapon illusions can now be used in transmogrification after their appearance has been learned.

Quests, Main Story

While Shadowlands gets new story and Covenant quests each week after the Weekly Reset, we expect no real main story progress until Update 9.1 finally drops.

WoW Shadowlands Anduin Wrynn Death Knight
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TWISTS AND TURNS: Shadowlands is getting hectic

The Chains of Domination update will feature an incredible amount of progress to the Shadowlands main story, so you won't want to miss it!

World Boss

Each week Shadowlands rotates between its four World Bosses which drop important loot and can be killed once a week.

Shadowlands Mortanis World Boss Maldraxxus
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TEST YOUR MIGHT: Mortanis is this week's World Boss

This week's Shadowlands World Boss is Mortanis, and he can be found in the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus.

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