WoW Classic Auction House Going Down Ahead of TBC

WoW Classic TBC is just around the corner, and the WoW Classic Auction House will soon close before its pre patch.

Here's the WoW Classic Auction House schedule, and how long it will prevent players from buying and selling items.

WoW Classic Auction House Down Schedule

The WoW Classic Auction House will be down for all realms from 10am PDT on Friday, May 14 to May 18 when servers come back up for the WoW Classic TBC pre patch.

WoW Classic Auction House Down Stormwind TBC Pre Patch
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During this period, players will have to take their trading to Trade Chat.

To make sure you're getting the best value, pick up your raid consumes for the week before the AH goes down!

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WoW Classic The Burning Crusade Pre Patch

The WoW Classic Burning Crusade Pre Patch is just around the corner, and with it comes some huge changes to the game.

WoW Classic TBC pre patch dark portal blood elf draenei
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For starters, all new talent trees, new races, and more will go live right from the beginning of the TBC Pre Patch on May 18.

That means players can finally start leveling Draenei and Blood Elf characters, as well as Shaman on the Alliance and Paladins on the Horde.

While the Burning Crusade pre patch was over a month originally, the WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre patch will instead run for just two weeks.

This may feel like a bad tradeoff, but with the ability to level Draenei and Blood Elf characters (something that wasn't possible for the original release of The Burning Crusade), it's hard to complain too much.

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