WoW Classic TBC Beta Update Pushes Level Cap

For players lucky enough to get into the WoW Classic TBC Beta, a new update has added plenty of new content to test out!

This includes bumping the level cap to 70, adding in Heroic Dungeons, and the Eye of the Storm battleground.

Here's what we know about the new update, and what's next for the WoW Classic TBC beta.

How to Opt In to the WoW Classic TBC Beta

While many players found the WoW Classic TBC Beta in their client and celebrated, many others are still waiting, checking their client each day to no avail.

WoW Classic TBC Draenai Shaman Blood Elf Paladin
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A NEW FIGHT: The Burning Crusade is coming to shake up Classic WoW

While the WoW Classic TBC beta is invite only - you'll need to opt in to be eligible.

Learn how to opt in to the WoW Classic TBC beta here.

Wow Classic TBC Beta Update Patch Notes

The WoW Classic TBC beta just got much more exciting!

WoW Classic TBC Beta Fel Reaver
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BIG BAD: A new level cap will help fighting the massive Fel Reaver

A new update has arrived to push the WoW Classic TBC beta level cap from 64 to 70, letting players test the leveling experience much further.

On top of this, players will have more endgame options in the WoW Classic TBC beta thanks to the new update, which also adds Heroic Dungeons and the Eye of the Storm battleground to the beta.

The changes were announced via a Blue Post from Blizzard Community Manager Kaivax, which you can find here.

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