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24 Mar 2021

WoW Classic TBC Prepatch: Everything We Know So Far

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Latest - WoW Classic TBC Beta Begins

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WoW Classic TBC Prepatch

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What Will Be in the WoW Classic TBC Prepatch?

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Release Date

The WoW Classic TBC beta is officially live, and it will be the first taste of the game ahead of launch. But it won't be the last.

Players will get to enjoy many of the changes coming in WoW Classic TBC with Vanilla content thanks the upcoming prepatch.

This will incorporate talent trees, abilities, and more from TBC to WoW Classic, so players can take on Naxxramas and more with their new changes. This will also mean being able to level Draenai and Blood Elf characters, as well as Paladins on the Horde and Shaman on the Alliance.

Here's what you need to know about the WoW Classic TBC prepatch.

Latest - WoW Classic TBC Beta Begins

Many players can now see the WoW Classic TBC beta in their clients - but it seems this is in fact not actually a formal release, but instead an error.

WoW Classic TBC Beta play button client
COMING SOON?: Fans are anxiously awaiting the Classic TBC beta

Despite the beta showing up for some players, no invites have been sent, and it's still not playable, leading many to believe this was simply an update to the PTR client instead.

Either way, the leak points to the WoW Classic TBC beta coming very soon.

WoW Classic TBC Prepatch

WoW Classic will soon take the leap to World of Warcraft's first expansion, The Burning Crusade.

WoW Classic TBC gameplay paladin shaman blood elf draenai
IT BEGINS: Draenai and Blood Elves arrive in the prepatch

WoW Classic TBC will shake up gameplay massively - and we aren't far from players getting into the action!

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What Will Be in the WoW Classic TBC Prepatch?

The WoW Classic TBC prepatch will be massive.

WoW Classic TBC gameplay Fel Reaver Hellfire Peninsula
NEW THREATS: TBC brings plenty of new challenges to WoW Classic

It will feature classes and talent trees from TBC, but in-game content will remain in Phase 6 of Vanilla WoW Classic until the expansion formally releases.

This will let players level up their Alliance Shaman or Horde Paladins that TBC unlocks, and allows players to try their classes with TBC content.

Expect to see plenty of players returning to WoW Classic to clear Naxxramas with their new TBC kits and talent trees, and plenty of new Draenai and Blood Elf characters starting their journey to level 60.

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Release Date

We have no formal release date just yet for the WoW Classic TBC prepatch - but a recently leaked date and global string datamined from the PTR could be a big hint.

This leaked date is May 18th, which was found alongside the global string "BURNING_CRUSADE_TRANSITION_DEFAULT_CLONE_DATE".

While players continue to guess at what this date will eventually be, prepatch is quite likely.

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