Best WoW Classic Addons You'll Need in Wrath of the Lich King

Ever since World of Warcraft was released in 2004, addons have been synonymous with the famous MMORPG. As time has gone on and the game has evolved, so too have addons alongside it.

True to their name, addons are additional programs players can use to display new information, change personal systems, and plenty more. You have some that help track quests, while others may focus on notifying you when a big attack from a Raid or Dungeon boss is incoming

Overall, they aren't usually a requirement, but they give players more options and methods to play the game.

With that in mind, here are the best WoW Classic addons as we approach Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

Best WoW Classic Addons


Kicking this list off is one of the most useful addons in all of WoW Classic, Questie.

This addon makes leveling, an otherwise mundane activity to many, an overall better experience. It throws away the need to have to read quests, if you don't know them by memory, and just lists them out and points you where to go. Add the fact that they highlight both the areas you need to be at and the monsters you need to kill—it's a no-brainer.

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Deadly Boss Mods

Perhaps the prime example of experience enhancement as an addon is Deadly Boss Mods. This addon isn't necessarily a pointer on where to go ala Questie, but instead, it's a reminder. One that can potentially save you hours of wipes.

Best addons for World of Warcraft: Classic - Deadly Boss Mods
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NOT SO DEADLY: Deadly Boss Mods makes encounters less difficult

Just think of it as someone beside you, or in this case in-game, notifying you that "hey, this ability is coming up, be ready" or "The boss is doing this right now, move."

It's the perfect addon that allows you to focus on what you're doing with your character.


Seeing as WoW Classic is an older version of the MMORPG, the game doesn't have some of the quality of life changes that have appeared across the years on the retail version. These include a built-in quest tracker, a bag sorter, and the like.

Among these is one that, apart from those mentioned above, would be considered crucial by many, a cooldown tracker. That's where OmniCC comes in. What the addon does is simple, it adds text to items, spells, and abilities that are on cooldown. Once the timer is finished and there are no more numbers hovering whatever is on cooldown, it'll be ready for use.

It makes players' life easier as they don't have to rely on intuition or checking a cooldown to see how long it has left.

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A bit similar to OmniCC in that it makes gameplay easier or more fluid, Auctionator does the same to the Auction House and then some.

Best addons for World of Warcraft: Classic - Auctionator
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BUY AND SELL: Auctionator makes buying and selling items on the auction house easier

In a game like Classic WoW, be it Vanilla, TBC, or WotLK, players are always in-tune with what's going on inside the Auction House as they need countless items for it.

The addon makes all of that perusing easier, as it's designed for casual everyday use. It presents auction house listings clearly and simply, doing away with all the junk in the middle.

Details: Damage Meter

Categorized as a plus one to WoW gameplay is Details: Damage Meter, as not only does it showcase how much healing or damage you're doing, it goes far beyond that.

It's your own personal performance meter as it tracks information and statistics about a combat encounter. This allows players to take note of where they might have gone wrong, where they can improve, and so on.

This addon is one of the quintessential dungeon and raiding addons, although it can be used for PvP as well.

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Weak Auras

Working as a hybrid of Deadly Boss Mods, OmniCC, and more, Weak Auras is not only the pinnacle of giving players customizability but it's also one of the most revolutionary inventions in the game's history.

Weak Auras is one of the game's most versatile addons as it allows you to display a wide range of customizable graphics in-game to indicate buffs, debuffs, and tons of other useful information.

Best addons for World of Warcraft: Classic - Weak Auras
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TRACKING: Weak Auras makes tracking abilities, items and more easy

Like Deadly Boss Mods, it allows you to focus on what you're doing as with it, you can create different alerts, timers, and the like in order to make sure you're performing mechanics correctly. Additionally, like OmniCC, it can serve as a terrific cooldown tracker that's more than just numbers on top of an ability or an item.

If there's one addon to have, it's this one. But be warned, downloading the wrong Weak Auras can result in some serious problems, like a script responsible for mailing players' gold away from their characters when accessing a mailbox. With that in mind, only take Weak Auras from sources you trust.


Looking at our list so far, the addons we have are more general and can help every role and every class. However, when it comes to HealBot that's different.

To make a long story short, HealBot is a healer-specific addon, one that creates a specialized raid frame, apart from the regular everyday raid frame, that makes healing easier.

With it, you can cast spells on targets within the raid frame with just a single click, see predicted amounts for other heals being cast, track debuffs easily, and much more. Depending on the player, this addon can be a gateway to healing in a much easier and more approachable way.

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