Ranking the Best WoW Classic WotLK Professions

Professions have been one of the main sources of income and special improvements for World of Warcraft players since the game's release. It's a feature as old as time, as not only was available from the get-go but it's also been iterated on countless times since then.

Each profession has its own uniqueness and benefits and as always, some are more advantageous than others depending on the class, and for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, that'll be the same.

That's why we've decided to rank the top five best WoW Classic WotLK professions.

Top Five Best WoW Classic WotLK Professions

There are a total of 11 professions—not counting Cooking—in WotLK Classic. These range from crafting professions such as Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, and more to Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning.

Knowing this makes it fairly tough to decide on our top five best professions. However, there are some that are clear-cut above the rest.

Here are our top five.

5 — Enchanting

Perhaps one of the most deceptively important professions in WoW Classic is Enchanting.

The profession not only allows players to add an extra "oomph" to their class with its ability to add extra stats on bracers, boots, and more, but also in some cases, can add specific buffs with weapon enchants. It's an all-around great way to reach a specific number of a stat, rearrange your stat weights, and more.

Additionally, Enchanters can make profession-specific enchants. These come in the form of ring enchants, three in specific: Assault, which gives +80 Attack Power, Greater Spellpower +46 Spell Power, and Stamina +60 Stamina, all of which are hefty stat increases.

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4 — Tailoring

As the cloth crafting profession, Tailoring can be of huge benefit for classes such as Warlocks, Priests, and Mages.

Like other crafting professions, Tailoring has the ability to provide gear, although, at a varying price, that can be crucial to get past that extra step or just overall get you prepared for a Dungeon or Raid.

However, the main benefit of Tailoring comes in its cloak enchants. Unlike general armor enchants which give stat additions, Tailoring enchants give a buff akin to weapon enchants and can provide leg enchants such as Spellthreats for casters.

Dubbed Embroideries, these additives go above and beyond the normal enchant and come in different forms: Darkglow, Lightweave, and Swordguard.

Here's what each one does:

  • Darkglow Embroidery - Cloak Enchant - Gives you a chance to restore 400 mana when you cast a spell.
  • Lightweave Embroidery - Cloak Enchant - Gives you a chance to increase your spell power by 295 for 15 sec when casting a spell.
  • Swordguard Embroidery - Cloak Enchant - Causes your damaging melee and ranged attacks to sometimes increase your attack power by 400 for 15 sec.

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3 — Blacksmithing

As the mail and plate armor maker, and most importantly, weapon crafter, Blacksmithing can be touted as one of the best professions in the game.

It's similar to Tailoring in that it can craft gear for specific classes, in this case, Paladins, Warriors, and the upcoming Death Knights, it can also provide weapons for a wide variety of classes, perfect for Dungeons and Raids. They also can make Belt Buckles which add a socket to a belt.

On top of all of this, Blacksmithers, like Enchanters, have their own profession-specific bonus. Similar to the Belt Buckles, they can create sockets for themselves in the Bracer and Gloves slots which can give a significant increase in stats.

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2 — Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is perhaps one of the most unique professions on this entire list. As although it doesn't provide enchants ala Enchanters nor does it necessarily provide tons of crafted armor akin to Tailoring and Blacksmithing, it can give players something perhaps even greater—Gems.

Gems, like enchants, serve as an additional way to gain stats. However, as opposed to a minor increase on a specific stat, gems are more powerful as they give a more significant amount. Additionally, Jewelcrafting is the only profession that can craft necks and rings.

Ranking the best WoW Classic WotLK Professions - Jewelcrafting WotLK
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
TONS OF OPTIONS: There are a myriad of gems in WotLK Classic

All of these aforementioned options are quite significant, but they aren't the main attraction as Jewelcrafters get what may be the strongest profession-specific bonus of them all, Jewelcrafter-specific Gems.

Similar to regular gems, they give a specific amount of stats that can be placed in a socket, however, the amount that they give is even greater.

Here are some examples:

  • Bold Dragon's Eye +42 Strength
  • Bright Dragon's Eye +84 Attack Power
  • Delicate Dragon's Eye +42 Agility
  • Runed Dragon's Eye +48 Spell Power
  • Lustrous Dragon's Eye +21 Mana every 5 seconds
  • Solid Dragon's Eye +63 Stamina
  • Sparkling Dragon's Eye +42 Spirit
  • Stormy Dragon's Eye +54 Spell Penetration
  • Quick Dragon's Eye +42 Haste Rating
  • Rigid Dragon's Eye +42 Hit Rating
  • Smooth Dragon's Eye +42 Critical Strike Rating

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1 — Engineering

Engineering is bar none the best profession on this list. The profession not only provides the best of both worlds from previous selections on this list in enchants and crafted armor, but it also gives players some ultimately crucial additions.

You have the portable bank and repair tool, Jeeves, the mail on the go, MOLL-E, enchants such Nitro Boosts, Slow Falls for cloaks, Mind Amplification Dish, and Hand-Mounter Pyro Rocket that all stack with enchants from Enchanters, and much, much more. Additionally, they can make Saronite Bombs which come in handy in many combat situations.

It's an overall plus for both PvE and PvP players, one that, in many people's eyes, is an outright necessity.

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