Valorant: Episode 5 Act 2 End Date, New Act Start Date, and More

Valorant episode 5 act 2 will soon end to let the next act come to the live game.

Episode 5 act 2 was released on August 23 and has been running for two months exactly.

Whilst players have been longing for the next act, the dev team at Riot Games have been working hard on new content.

With brand new agent 21, Harbour, joining the roster, things are about to get pretty hectic.

So, let's take a look at these important dates for Valorant episode 5 act 2 with the end date and the start date of episode 5 act 3.

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Act 2 Valorant end date

Episode 5 act 2 of Valorant is set to end on October 18 2022.

This is when all of the battle pass content for that act will no longer be available as we move to a new act.

Valorant episode 5 act 3
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Additionally, there will also be new agent changes, weapon changes and more in the official patch notes.

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When is act 3 released?

Valorant episode 5 act 3 will be released exactly on the end date of act 2.

That's tomorrow, October 18 2022.

Servers will go down from 6 am PT to 9 am PT. For other time zones, this will look like this...

  • 2 pm BST to 5 pm BST
  • 1 pm GMT to 4 pm GMT
  • 3 pm CT to 6 pm CT

Directly after this downtime, Valorant will be playable with the brand-new act.

What to expect in episode 5 act 3

Episode 5 act 3 has a brand new battle pass and also has the release of the newest agent, Harbour.

Players are able to progress along the battle pass to earn rewards. However, there is also a free, or paid track to choose from.

Valorant Harbour
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Also, the new agent will also bring a bunch of new abilities to the game which the community are excited about.

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