*UPDATED* Valorant: New Agent Harbour First Look Revealed

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Riot Games recently revealed a couple of teasers for the new agent in Valorant which have been confirmed just a day after.

With many names including, Mage, Varun Batra, and of course Harbour. They have all tied nicely into one package.

Riot Games have officially revealed an image for the new agent which has caused ripples in the community.

With not long until his release date, let's take a look at the first official sighting of Harbour, agent 21 in Valorant.

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*UPDATED* Valorant Harbour official abilities revealed

Riot Games have now officially announced the abilities of Harbour, agent 21.


They are very similar to the leaked abilities. However, his strength is undeniable.

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Harbour Valorant art revealed

So it's confirmed that our brand new agent 21 is called Harbour!

Valorant official Twitter account posted an image of the new hero in what looks like an action film poster.

Harbour tgeaser in Valorant
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His Indian heritage has been confirmed once again with the image. However, there are more interesting developments within this art.

Speed is key for Harbour

In the official teasers that we saw yesterday, Harbour was seen darting around a group of people sitting at a restaurant.

Speed seems to be a huge factor for this new agent's Valorant kit.


His motorcycle and his helmet make it seem as if Harbour will have a penchant for speed.

Perhaps he will have an ability for super speed alongside his water bending.

On closer inspection of the model, he also has a pretty interesting tattoo which may tie in with some Valorant lore.

Agent 21 is bringing a new age of Valorant to the game. And players can't wait for some gameplay of the agent to be released!

However, this is the only new information we really have for the agent. Until we hear more from Valorant, all that can be done is speculation.

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