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Harbor was one of the most anticipated agents in Valorant history. Since his release, the agent is one of the most played in the game, despite not having the best win rate.

The controller agent is a very tricky one to master. Most Valorant players have difficulties playing him to his full potential. Since Harbor has a very unique kit, he does well on specific maps. You also need a team composition that complements him, to maximize his potential.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at Harbor's abilities.

Harbor abilities

Just like other Valorant controllers, Harbor's abilities allow him to block the enemy's vision. Smoking of dangerous angles, and allowing his team to take control of an area in an easier and safer way.

So, let's find out Harbor's abilities, and how they can impact the game.


Cascade is one of Habor's smoke abilities. Harbor equips a wave of water and then uses the fire button to send the wave rolling forward through walls. He can then re-use it to stop the wave.

This smoke slows enemies that go through them. This makes it very hard for the opponents to retake a bombsite when Cascade is up.

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Credit: ONE Esports

Going through a smoke already puts you at a disadvantage. The player outside of the smoke will see you first. With Harbor smokes slowing you, the player on the other side of the smoke has an even bigger advantage. Because of that, some retake situation seems almost impossible.


Cove is the second Harbor ability. With this ability, Harbor equips a sphere of water and uses the fire button to throw it. Once it hits the ground, Cove creates a destructible water shield, that blocks bullets. This shield has 500 hp.

It's a great ability to protect your teammates when they are planting. Since it blocks some bullets, it gives your teammate time to plant and reposition.

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Credit: WhatIfGaming

You can also use it in retake situations. Throwing Cove to where the spike is located, will allow you or one of your teammates to start defusing it without taking damage.

Even if you can't fully defuse the spike, you can get it halfway. It will also force your opponents to show their whereabouts. This will make the retake much easier and can win you plenty of rounds.

High Tide

High Tide is Harbor's signature ability. This means it can be used more than once per round since it recharges. It's very similar to Cascade.

Harbor equips a wall of water and uses the fire button to send it in a forward line. He can control the wall direction by holding the fire button and moving his crosshair. Just like Cascade, it goes through every material on the map.

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Credit: Player Assist

The ability also significantly slows enemies that are hit by it. This means that opponents will think twice before passing through this wall and that it's very hard to retake an area when High Tide is up.


Last but certainly not least, we have Harbor's ultimate, Reckoning. Reckoning is a mixture of Breach and Killjoy ultimate, with Astra concussion ability.

Harbor equips his artefact, and uses the fire button to create a pool on the ground. This pool has a range of 21.2 meters and will target opponent players in that area with geyser strikes. Enemies that are hit by one of the three strikes will be concussed for three seconds.

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Credit: AllGamers - HyperX

It's great to force defenders out of the bombsite, allowing your team to take control of it while facing little to no resistance. In post-plant scenarios, it can be used to slow the opponents' retake or to know their positions.

When used well, Reckoning can guarantee you a free plant, bombsite, and even some free rounds.

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