Valorant Episode 5 Act 3: Battle Pass, Price, Skins, and More

Episode 5 act 3 of Valorant is almost here and we now have information about how the new act will work for the community.

As with every new act launch, players can also access the episode 5 act 3 battle pass which will be available on release.

There is a free track and a paid track that players can grind through to earn some cosmetics.

These include new skins, gun buddies, cards, and other cosmetic goods.

So, let's take a look at the brand new battle pass for episode 5 act 3 in Valorant and see what players can earn.

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Episode 5 act 3 Valorant battle pass

As is the same with every battle pass in Valorant, there is a free or paid track.

Each of these will give rewards to the players. However, the paid track definitely gives much more worth.

Harbour from Valorant
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But of course, with worth comes a price. And fans of the game still feel that the price is pretty hefty.

Here are both of the tracks and some highlights from each of them.

Free track

  • Simple Instructions Spray
  • Unearthed: The Mask Card
  • Astral Conduit Card
  • Can’t Break Me Buddy
  • Corbin’s Light Buddy
  • Starlit Odyssey Ghost with Variants
  • ¡VAMOS! Title

Paid track

  • Starlit Odyssey Vandal w/ Variants
  • Iridian Thorn Operator
  • Rune Stone Odin
  • Breach’s Approval Spray
  • Grand Designs Card
  • Shell Song Buddy
  • Iridian Thorn Blade

Battle pass paid track price

The paid track of the battle pass will hit players with a hefty 1,000 VP price tag.

However, with the opportunity to earn some new Valorant skins and sprays, the price seems to level out.

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