Free Hilarious Spray Up for Grabs in Valorant's April Fools' Celebration!

A screenshot from the "CHECKMATE // Cypher’s Revenge Game Mode Trailer - VALORANT" YouTube video.
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot from the "CHECKMATE // Cypher’s Revenge Game Mode Trailer - VALORANT" YouTube video.
Credit: Riot Games

It's April Fools' Day, and Valorant is joining the fun! Riot Games is giving away a hilarious spray for all players to collect today.

For game developers, April 1st is a prime opportunity to get creative. They often introduce wacky features or trick players with outrageous update announcements. Valorant is no stranger to humor! Last year, they trolled the community with a "Cypher's Revenge" game mode trailer, featuring an incredibly overpowered Cypher – a response to his frequent cinematic demise. This year, players get a free spray!

Claim a hilarious spray to celebrate April Fools in Valorant!

This is no joke! To celebrate April Fools' Day, Riot Games is giving away a free spray in Valorant. The rumours swirling online were true, and some lucky players are already reporting receiving the hilarious spray.

The spray features a bewildered Chamber wielding Harbour's bracelet. To claim it, simply log in to Valorant – no matches are required. The pop-up to claim the spray should appear sometime today.

Valorant April Fools 2024 reward shared by @ValorantUpdated on X.
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Credit: @ValorantUpdated

It's unclear how long you have to log in to claim the reward. It might be available only today, on April 1st, so be sure to grab it as soon as possible!

Riot Games is known for its playful side, so there might be more surprises in store today. Last year, alongside the "Cypher's Revenge" trailer, they released hilarious (fake) patch notes. These notes included jokes the community would appreciate, like Wingman being able to pick up and shoot guns, a dedicated queue for e-daters, and Breeze becoming the only map – complete with cabanas and Adirondack chairs!

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