UFC 4 Update 3.0 is LIVE! - Patch Notes, New Fighters, Bug Fixes & more

UFC 4 has received its first major gameplay-focused patch with Update 3.0, and EA aren't pulling any punches!

Let's go over all the details of UFC 4 Update 3.0, which is live now.

Update 3.0 Patch Notes

There's something for everyone in UFC 4's newest update!

Here are all the biggest changes.

New Fighters

The first thing players will notice with Update 3.0 is a couple new fighters have joined the roster!

pedro munhoz ufc 4
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WAR-READY: Munhoz is a top tier bantamweight that can survive a war with the best

These fighters are #7 ranked UFC Bantamweight Pedro Munhoz, and #7 ranked UFC Featherweight Calvin Kattar.

calvin kattar ufc 4
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MOMENTUM: The striker Calvin Kattar is coming off of 2 big UFC wins in 2020

Both of these fighters are long overdue for the UFC 4 roster, and bring some exciting skills to the table.

Weight Classes

There are several fighters on the UFC 4 roster that will become available in other weight classes with Update 3.0.

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This includes Jon Jones infamously moving up to Heavyweight (after relinquishing the Light Heavyweight Championship), Frankie Edgar making the step up to Bantamweight, Alexander Gustafsson joining the Heavyweight ranks, and Omari Ahkmedov becoming a Middleweight.

New Content

On the new content side, UFC 4 Update 3.0 brings new cosmetics for Create A Fighter, and a new main menu section, Learn, which will give access to Practice, Training Manual, and Tutorials.

Gameplay Changes

Some big gameplay changes are coming in UFC 4, many centered around grappling.

UFC 4 submissions
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TAP OR SNAP: Submissions are getting some tuning in the newest UFC 4 update

The biggest changes are the ability to deny spear takedowns, new ground transitions, increased damage for ground and pound (and increased damage from Knee on Belly), and tuning for ground and pound stamina costs, clinch stamina costs, submissions, slip counters, clinch striking, and takedown finishes/denials.

Bug Fixes

There is a massive amount of bug fixes in UFC 4 Update 3.0.

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While we won't go into detail on all of them, the most noticeable include visual damage not showing from ground and pound strikes, incorrect priorities with certain ground transitions, and issues around posting.

General Improvements

Along with these changes, players will notice some general improvements in UFC 4 after Update 3.0.

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This includes new visuals for the stamina HUD, tattoo updates, and general stability improvements.

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