Street Fighter 6 July Update Patch Notes

Rashid Street Fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

Rashid Street Fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has been a massive success for Capcom, selling upwards of 2 million copies per the latest reports. Now, with the July update, the most recent SF6 patch notes have brought Rashid, the first DLC character, alongside some quality-of-life changes to some system mechanics.

The first of four reported characters slated to come out during year 1 of Street Fighter 6, Rashid is a relatively new character in the franchise, having debuted in SFV, framed as the main protagonist of that game.

Surprisingly, Rashid isn't the only thing that has come to Street Fighter 6 with the July patch. Let's list all things that SF6 players got with the most recent patch.

Street Fighter 6 July patch notes

New character - Rashid

Rashid Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Rashid is finally here

Rashid comes with a secondary outfit, which is the one he wore in Street Fighter 5, as well as colours 3-10 for both the alternative and original costumes.

Players who own the Year 1 character pass already have access to Rashid, otherwise, he's available for individual purchase. Furthermore, if you want to try him out for free, you can use a Rental Fighter ticket to try Rashid for one hour.

Fighting Ground

With Rashid's arrival, FG also got some bonus content:

  • Rashid's story added to Arcade Mode
  • Easier way to switch between Record and Playback in the Training Mode pause menu
  • Master League added. Set to start on 1 August

World Tour

  • Rashid's Master Missions added
  • Missions featuring Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium Tournament and Suval'hal Arena. You must complete the main game to access these missions
  • New comic cutscenes were added to the Gallery under Cutscenes > World Tour

Important reminder that any replays of matches you have will still show up on the replays menu but you won't be able to actually see them.

Now, let's talk balance changes!

Street Fighter 6 July patch gameplay changes

As mentioned, while no characters were directly buffed or nerfed, overall gameplay changes promise to shake things up a little bit.

Drive Parry

  • Fixed an issue where medium kick would suddenly be performed when a parry input was buffered or input during a time freeze and then released before the player was able to perform the parry.
  • The above issue also occurred during a Drive Rush or Super Art time freeze, and has also been fixed for those cases.

Power Up Super Arts

  • Fixed an issue where character behavior would become unnatural if hit by certain attacks at the exact moment that the power-up boost provided by this Super Art expired.

Assisted Combo (1st hit)

  • Fixed an issue where buffered Assist Combo inputs would not register in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd attack of an Assist Combo would be performed even though only the first input had been performed.

Cancel Drive Rush

In order to make it easier to perform a Cancel Drive Rush, adjustments have been made that allow the technique to be performed using the inputs below.

  • Classic Controls (Neutral or Forward) + Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  • Modern Controls (Neutral or Forward) + Parry button

Please note that no changes have been made to the forward, forward input or Parry Drive Rush.

Cancelable Light Attacks

Adjustments have been made so that a Cancel Drive Rush can activate even when a light attack whiffs.

This is an adjustment being added in conjunction with the additional Cancel Drive Rush inputs. The relaxing of the Drive Rush inputs paired too well with low-risk light attacks, and would have had a huge impact on fights if left as is. This adjustment has been made to address that.

Please note that this adjustment is not just for the newly added Drive Rush inputs. The forward, forward input will also activate a Drive Rush on a light attack whiff.

And that's it! For more content, check out our guide for best button configuration in Street Fighter 6.

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