The Best Button Configuration for Street Fighter 6

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Street Fighter is back with a new title, and with it comes new features. One of the most exciting new additions to the franchise is the Modern control layout, which looks to simplify the combat experience for newcomers. To make it even simpler, we take a look at the best button configuration options for Street Fighter 6.

The two main control layouts, Modern and Classic, are both designed by developers Capcom to maximise the efficiency and flow of attacking sequences. However, with a few tweaks, you can take your combat proficiency to the next level.


The Modern control scheme is fairly simplistic in its nature and only requires an understanding of the four pad buttons on the control for basic attacks. The shoulder buttons are used primarily for powered-up attacks and Combo Assist, which is a specific feature of the Modern layout.

Since Modern controls are fairly basic and user-friendly as is, changes may not be needed per se. However, we recommend the following minor tweaks to make it even easier to come out victorious. This is our recommendation for the best button configuration for Modern control players.

The recommended controller layout for the Modern controls in Street Fighter 6.
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Credit: Capcom via Street Fighter 6
Here is our recommended layout for the Modern control scheme
  • Light Attack - Square/X
  • Medium Attack - Triangle/Y
  • Heavy Attack - Cross/A
  • Special Attack - Circle/B
  • Drive Impact - L1/LB
  • Drive Parry - L2/LT
  • Light + Medium Attack - R1/RB
  • Assist - R2/RT


The Classic layout is for the Street Fighter veterans, utilising a six-button system to issue light, medium, and heavy attacks with fists and feet separately. Given it has a greater degree of complexity, there is room for adjustments to be made to suit the user.

For Classic control users, we recommend the following bindings to deliver an even smoother and more effective barrage of strikes on your opponents.

The recommended controller layout for the Classic controls in Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom via Street Fighter 6
An even more effective Classic control layout is just a few small adjustments away
  • Light Punch - Square/X
  • Medium Punch - Triangle/Y
  • Heavy Punch - Circle/B
  • Light Kick - Triangle/Y
  • Medium Kick - R1/RB
  • Heavy Kick - R2/RT
  • Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick - L1/LB
  • Medium Punch + Medium Kick - L2/LT

These controls have been optimised for smoother transitions between attacks, which will leave opponents scrambling for a defensive response.

Should I use the D-pad or analog stick with these bindings?

The key to becoming a master in Street Fighter 6 is to be comfortable with the controller layout to the extent that you can operate your fighter with very little thought going into button inputs.

The same applies to using the directional pad vs the analog stick. Whichever directional system you find the most comfortable or second nature to you, go with that one.


Is there anything wrong with the default settings?

There is certainly nothing wrong with the default layout. If you find the default controls to be to your liking without feeling restricted or limited by any particular button combination, then there may not be a need to go with the recommended layout.

That being said, this layout will provide an even more efficient output of movements and smoother transitions between actions. Nonetheless, feel free to tweak and try out different combinations to find what works for you.

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