Is Roblox On Nintendo Switch? Platforms, Mobile, May Promo Codes & More

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Roblox is the online entertainment platform that enables players to create immersive 3D worlds and play together in them!

There are plenty of unique and enjoyable game modes on offer, and it’s pretty easy for anyone to jump in and start exploring the worlds in the game.


There are, of course, some May promo codes to redeem some special collectable items and cosmetics, but we will get into that later.

For now, we will answer whether Roblox is available on the Nintendo Switch.

Get all the details below!

Will it come out on Switch?

Sorry Switch gamers, we're afraid that Roblox isn't currently available on Nintendo's handheld console!

nintendo switch roblox one day

WISHFUL THINKING: We could see Roblox land on Switch one day, but not for a LONG time!

Roblox is available on Xbox, PC, Mac, and various mobile devices, so if you have any of these you can get started, for free!

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With cross-platform play, you can even join your friends!


We could see Roblox release on the Switch in the future, but the developers have announced no such plans.

May’s Promo Codes

The first code is “TWEETROBLOX”.

may 2020 promo codes roblox

COSMETICS ARE KEY – Cosmetics are the main progression in Roblox.

This will give you a cosmetic bird that sits on your character’s shoulder, and you’ll be able to find this in your inventory once you’ve redeemed your code.

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The next is “SPIDERCOLA” – another cool cosmetic to add to the collection that sits on your shoulder!