Red Dead Online: Naturalist Tips & Tricks - Gear, Missions & more

The Naturalist role has arrived on Red Dead Online via Update 1.20, and with it comes many new changes.

This list includes tons of new animals, new characters, gear, weapons, and plenty more.

So let's go over some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the Naturalist role.


Naturalists can get plenty of unique gear. This is accomplished by bringing unique animal carcasses and pelts to Gus Macmillan. But be aware, Macmillan can only make apparel out of pelts, so you'll have to skin your legendary animal before selling it if this is your goal.

Red Dead Online Naturalist gear
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FLAIR: New Naturalist gear adds plenty of flair, but it also holds its own in different weather conditions you'll run into during your tracking

Doing this for Gus Macmillan will not grant you Naturalist XP, which is instead earned through conversationalist efforts with Harriet Davenport - who won't take kindly to killing animals.

red dead online hunting min
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LOOK THE PART: Naturalist gear will help you look and feel the part of a tracker

Through Gus Macmillan players can customize gear like the bow, or fashion hides into some awesome new apparels.


Naturalists have access to many different missions that can all be approached creatively.

Red Dead Online Harriet Davenport Naturalist
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THE WOMAN TO SEE: Harriet Davenport is just who you're looking for if you want to accomplish missions for Naturalist XP

Some missions will have you track legendary animals. If you can capture a sample, you'll earn Naturalist XP.

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Other missions will have you freeing poached animals from poachers, who you can feel free to bring to violent ends. By releasing trapped animals, you'll gain plenty of extra Naturalist XP.

Legendary Animals

With the new legendary animals added to Red Dead Online, it's going to take some cunning to find them.

Red Dead Online naturalist new animal species 1
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CRAFTY: You'll need to understand legendary animals before you can track them

Each animal species has several different legendary animals that have different habits. This means you'll need to track down their location, and study their tendencies to maximize your chance at finding them.

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You can read over all of the legendary animal habits, including when they're easiest to find, here.

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