Red Dead Online Weekly Update 26 January: Crafting & Hunting Bonuses, Patch Notes, Discounts Bonuses & more

Things may be quiet upon the Frontier in Red Dead Online, with Rockstar likely to be working on something HUGE.

Until then, here's the latest Red Dead Weekly Update.

Crafting & Hunting Bonuses

Craft any item at a Campfire will receive 3 Collectibles to trade with Madam Nazar.

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GOTTA CRAFT EM ALL - What will you redeem from Gus this week?

Meanwhile, crafting anything in Gus’ Store this week will bag you a Reward for a Free Hat (below Rank 15) and an Offer good for 50% off any pair of Boots.

Purchasing any Pamphlet will also land you a Treasure Map that will surely lead you to a valuable haul.


All clothing items crafted in Gus Macmillan’s Store can be acquired at a 40% discount, while dogged game hunters can also take 30% off the cost of Gus’ Trinkets and Improved Bow variants.

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ARROW TO MY HEART - The Bow & Improved Bow are on offer this week

Jump in to play Red Dead Online between now and 1 February, and you will be rewarded with 5X Gun Oil and 50 Small Game Arrows to help you out in the wilds.

  • 40% off Bow, Improved Bow & Tonic Crafting Pamphlets
  • 50% off Fishing Lures
  • 50% off Predator Baits & Herbivore Baits
  • 30% off Weapon Crafting Pamphlets & The Fishing Rod

RDO Weekly Update Release Date

This weekly update will arrive on Tuesday, 26 January between 10am-12pm ET / 3-5pm GMT.

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Prime Gaming

Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive Rewards good for:

  • A free Bounty Hunter License
  • An Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery
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DEAD OR ALIVE - How will you choose to bring back the bounty?

Also, players who connect to Prime Gaming before Monday, 15 February will receive half off the LeMat Revolver and a Poncho of choice, a free off-hand Holster, plus 100 rounds each of High Velocity and Explosive Revolver Cartridges.

New DLC?

There's been hope that something big will be arriving in Red Dead Online in 2021 - and it looks like we've got our first clues.

Gameplay of sailable boats has been leaked in a YouTube video, which has been found within the game files in the latest update.

YouTuber Silentc0re doesn't think this will be part of a weekly update, but more likely in an upcoming DLC.

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Robberies - similar to GTA Online's Heists - have also been found so it's time to watch this space on all things Red Dead.

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