Best Treadmill Under 500: Top Running Machines On A Budget

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There's a lot to consider when searching for the best treadmill under 500 dollars or pounds, especially as it can be challenging figuring out what sort of quality you're getting for your cash.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of our top picks, based on features, price, and reviews, highlighting some of the key differences that make these inexpensive running machines stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're searching for something foldable, like this machine from FYC, or you're looking for something to get you started, like this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M, then we've got you covered right here.

Best Treadmill Under 500


Best All-Round Treadmill Under 500 - XTERRA Fitness TR150

Best treadmill under 500 product image of a black treadmill.
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XTERRA Fitness
Brand: XTERRA Fitness | Dimensions: 63.4" x 28.75" x 51.4" | Max Weight: 250lbs | Speed: 0.5 - 10mph

We've previously featured the XTERRA Fitness TR150 as one of the top budget options in our list of the best treadmills, so it may come as no surprise we're including it here.

What we like about this machine is that it comes with a large 16" x 50" surface, designed to accommodate all users, and a speed range of 1 to 16kph so you can increase the difficulty from low to high-intensity cardio.

Moreover, it features 12 preset programs and 3 manual incline settings to offer you more variety in your workouts.

It's also worth noting that the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is foldable, so, if you're looking to save space, this could be the machine for you.

Best Foldable Treadmill Under 500 - FYC Treadmill

Best treadmill under 500 product image of a black, foldable treadmill.
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Brand: FYC | Dimensions: 50" x 24" x 43" | Max Weight: 220lbs | Speed: 0.6 - 7.5mph

Again, if you're limited to space, but want to upgrade your home gym with some cardio equipment, then we feel this FYC Treadmill is worth considering.

Its unique foldable design has 2 exercise modes - one with the handrail raised, allowing you to run up to 7.5mph, and the other where the handrail is folded, allowing you to walk on it up to 4mph.

Furthermore, FYC boasts its treadmill has been designed for home use by incorporating a quiet 2.5HP motor that shouldn't disturb your neighbours whilst you're exercising.

On the whole, this FYC Treadmill looks to be a great device that's easy to store when not in use.

Best Treadmill Under 500 For Beginners - Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M

Best treadmill under 500 product image of a black and silver manual treadmill.
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Sunny Health & Fitness
Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness | Dimensions: 49" x 23" x 50" | Max Weight: 220lbs | Speed: Manual Power

A manual treadmill, like this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M, has the benefit of not requiring electricity, meaning it can be placed anywhere and still be useful.

It can also be a great starting point for beginners who want to walk or complete a light jog to get their fitness journey underway.

To help track your progress, it comes with an LCD screen that displays time, speed, distance, and calories burned to give you an idea of how hard your training.

Ultimately, this extremely portable and lightweight machine should be a good option to consider if you're looking to gently work your way up the running ladder.

Best Treadmill Under 500 For Your Office - CITYSPORTS Treadmill

Best treadmill under 500 product image of a black and blue treadmill with no handrail.
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Brand: CITYSPORTS | Dimensions: 52.8" x 23.2" x 4.9" | Max Weight: 260lbs | Speed: 0.4 - 6mph

If you're looking for a machine to keep you fit whilst at work, then CITYSPORTS Treadmill could be your answer.

Its handrail-less design means it should fit under your desk, whether that's at home or at work, with ease, and the low-intensity speeds mean it shouldn't be a hindrance to your tasks.

Moreover, CITYSPORTS states its treadmill features a powerful 'mute motor', designed to keep the noise to a minimum when you're exercising in order to avoid distracting your colleagues.

All in all, we feel this CITYSPORTS Treadmill could be a great way of getting your steps in if you work in an office-based job.

Best Treadmill Under 500 For Variety - Reebok ZR8

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Brand: Reebok | Dimensions: 165cm x 74cm x 143cm | Max Weight: 110kg | Speed: Up To 10mph

To maintain your motivation to exercise, it's important to keep your workouts varied and challenging.

Thankfully, this Reebok ZR8 comes with 24 varied fitness programs to take you from a gentle jog to a mountainous hill climb depending on how difficult you want to make things.

To help you reach your fitness goals, the Reebok ZR8 comes with a phone port so you can play your favourite tunes through the speakers to keep your energy levels high.

With a max speed of 10mph and 12 levels of electronic incline, this should definitely be one to consider if you're looking to mix up your indoor runs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Treadmills Under 500

When it comes to picking the best treadmill, you may have a few questions. Don't worry though, as we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

Is A Treadmill Worth It?


Running, jogging, or walking are some of the easiest forms of exercise for most, but when it starts to get cold in the winter months, it can be difficult to gather the motivation to venture outdoors.

A treadmill offers you the chance to complete these exercises from the comfort of your home or gym, making them a worthwhile investment if you're looking to get your steps in across the full 365 days of the year.

It's also worth noting that you don't have to spend loads to get a solid machine. As shown by this list, you can find some good quality treadmills to upgrade your home gym for under 500 dollars or pounds.

Can You Use A Treadmill Every Day?

This depends on the intensity of each workout.

For example, it won't be detrimental to complete a short walk on your treadmill every day, however, you should take at least one recovery day a week if you participate in light jogs, runs, or sprints on your machine.

Incorporating at least one rest day helps to ensure your muscles are adequately repaired and restored as well as your joints and energy stores, thus reducing the likelihood of injury.


Can You Lose Weight On A Treadmill?

As a form of cardio, a treadmill can offer an excellent way of burning calories which, in turn, can help you lose weight if paired with the right diet.

In fact, a 2017 study into the effects of HIIT training found treadmills to be effective for burning calories, reducing body fat, and improving cardiovascular fitness in a short period of time.

Another key benefit of running on a treadmill is that it is extremely accessible and, for the most part, great for beginners.

Is A Treadmill Better Than A Rowing Machine?

While both are excellent forms of cardio, they differ slightly in the overall impact on your fitness.

A study conducted by the University of Roehampton compared running on a treadmill to rowing on a machine and found the participants on a treadmill burnt 350 calories in 20 minutes, while those on the rowing machine expended 300 calories.


The results also showed, however, that rowing activated more muscle groups than running which may be unsurprising given the pulling motion required to row.

Ultimately, choosing which one is better will come down to your own personal preference and what you're looking to get out of your exercise machine.

If you want to find out more, then check out our comparison of treadmills and rowing machines here.

Is Running On A Treadmill Better Than Running Outdoors?

While running on a treadmill isn't easy, it is actually slightly less taxing on your body compared to running outdoors.

While indoors on a treadmill, you avoid a number of extraneous variables like the wind, uneven paths, and obstacles which can all slow you down and be physically challenging to avoid at times.

Unpredictable surfaces can also have an adverse effect on your joints, particularly in your lower body, as differing amounts of shock will be transferred through your legs during each stride.

Ultimately, a treadmill means you can just continuously run in a straight line on the spot and not have to worry about your surroundings.

A treadmill can also be highly effective for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which, in a 2017 study into the effects of HIIT training, is found to be effective for burning calories, reducing body fat, and improving cardiovascular fitness in a short period of time.

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