Best Folding Exercise Bike Under 200: Top Stationary Bikes For Home Gyms

When searching for the best folding exercise bike under 200 dollars or pounds, it can be a little tricky at times to figure out exactly what kind of quality you're getting for your cash.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of our top picks, based on features, price, and reviews to kick off your search in the best way possible.

Whether you're searching for something with a recumbent seat, like this LANOS Workout Bike, or you're after something upright, like this XTERRA Fitness FB150, we've got you covered right here.

Best Folding Exercise Bike Under 200

Best All-Round Folding Exercise Bike Under 200 - Exerpeutic Upright Exercise Bike

Best folding exercise bike under 200 Exerpeutic product image of a silver bike with an LCD display.
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Brand: Exerpeutic | Dimensions: 31 x 19 x 46" | Max Weight: 300lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

We've previously featured this Exerpeutic Upright Bike in our list of the best exercise bikes, so it may come as no surprise we're including it again here.

What we like about this bit of kit, in particular, is that it comes with what looks to be a strong build that can hold a significant amount of weight, an affordable price tag, and, Exerpeutic state, a whisper-quiet ride.

It also includes 8 resistance levels so you can up the difficulty to keep on progressing towards your fitness goals.

As with all the bikes on this list, it's foldable as well so should be a great option to consider if you're looking to save space in your home gym.

Best Recumbent Folding Exercise Bike Under 200 - LANOS Workout Bike

Best folding exercise bike under 200 LANOS product image of a black and blue machine.
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Brand: LANOS | Dimensions: Unspecified | Max Weight: 300lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

We've also included this bit of kit from LANOS before in our list of the best exercise bikes under 500 as we think it's a great space-saver that shouldn't break the bank with its price tag.

It comes with an impressive 10 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, so you can complete intense heavy sets or slow, relaxed rides with it depending on your preference.

It also features an LCD display and, LANOS boasts, has an ultra-quiet ride which should suit anyone with neighbours or living in a flat.

All in all, we feel this LANOS bike makes for a great pick if you're after a foldable recumbent machine.

Best Upright Folding Exercise Bike Under 200 - XTERRA Fitness FB150

Best folding exercise bike under 200 XTERRA Fitness product image of a silver and blue machine.
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XTERRA Fitness
Brand: XTERRA Fitness | Dimensions: 31.89 x 18.1 x 43.3" | Max Weight: 225lbs | Resistance: Belt

If an upright bike is what you're after, then we think XTERRA Fitness FB150 could be the machine for you.

XTERRA boasts the FB150 takes up just 18.1" x 18.1" of floor space when not in use so should be an excellent bit of kit if you're limited for space.

Moreover, you get a 2-in-1 LCD monitor that displays your speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse during each and every workout which is great for tracking your stats as you work towards your fitness goals.

It's also worth mentioning you get 8 levels of adjustable resistance, meaning there's plenty of room for progression with this XTERRA Fitness FB150, therefore making it an excellent choice for your home gym.

Best Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike Under 200 - leikefitness LEIKE X

Best folding exercise bike under 200 leikefitness folding grey bike.
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Brand: leikefitness | Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 47" | Max Weight: 300lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

As far as magnetic bikes go, we feel it's hard to look past this compact leikefitness LEIKE X machine.

The 2-in-1 frame has been designed to be used in both a recumbent or upright position thanks to its 7 different seating positions to help ensure you remain comfortable whilst working out.

It also comes with 10 resistance levels so you can up the intensity and difficulty when you want to make things more challenging for yourself.

Finally, the leikefitness LEIKE X features an HD dial that displays sports data like time, speed, distance, and even your heart rate thanks to the monitors in the handrails, thus making it a solid foldable option to consider.

Best Full-Body Folding Exercise Bike Under 200 - ADVENOR Exercise Bike

Best folding exercise bike under 200 ADVENOR product image of a grey and red bike with resistance bands.
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Brand: ADVENOR | Dimensions: Unspecified | Max Weight: 280lbs | Resistance: Magnetic

This ADVENOR Exercise Bike looks to be an extremely versatile bit of kit where you can, not only train your lower body, but also tackle your upper body with the attached resistance bands as well.

Moreover, it comes with 8 levels of resistance to keep things challenging as you complete a killer full-body workout.

Also, you can adjust the seating position, thus giving you the choice between an upright, intense session, or a reclined position for a lower impact workout.

Overall, we feel this ADVENOR Exercise Bike is a great cardio machine that can offer a serious full-body workout.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foldable Exercise Bikes

There are often a ton of questions surrounding stationary bikes, particularly foldable machines, but we're here to clear up a few things to help with your search.

How Do You Set Up A Foldable Exercise Bike?

Getting the right setup is key to a comfortable ride on your stationary bike so here are a few key tips to point you in the right direction.

Firstly, you'll want to set up the saddle to be roughly the height of your hip bone whilst standing as this is a good starting point for you to then adjust from to suit your preference.

Also, we'd recommend checking the saddle position to ensure you're not sitting too far back and away from the peddles as this can cause unnecessary strain on your knees.

A final tip is to ensure the balls of your feet are over the centre of the peddles as this helps to increase cycling efficiency and should reduce numbness in your feet during a session.

Are Foldable Exercise Bikes Worth it?

This will ultimately depend on your budget, however, generally speaking, they're a great way to complete a killer cardio session from the comfort of your own home, especially if you're a beginner looking to start your fitness journey.

We'd also say it is well worth getting a foldable bike if you're limited for space as it makes the machine much easier to store when not in use, meaning you don't have to have an exercise machine in the middle of your floor all the time.

Do Foldable Exercise Bikes Need Maintaining?

Exercise bikes, in general, need very little maintenance for the most part, especially if they are magnetically driven.

A chain-driven model will occasionally need to be oiled but this piece of exercise equipment should be one you can keep for many years and it'll keep delivering and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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