Best Running Shoes Under 100: Our Top Picks For Training

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There's a lot to consider when searching for the best running shoes under 100 dollars or pounds, especially as it can be difficult to determine exactly the kind of quality you're getting for your cash.

Thankfully, we're here to help with our list of standout picks based on features, price, and reviews which, in comparison to some of the best running shoes around, are relatively inexpensive.

Whether you're searching for something lightweight, like these adidas Astraruns, or sneakers packed with cushioning, like the Nike Winflo 8s, we've got everything you need right here.

We've also highlighted some of the latest running shoe news which we'll keep updated with new information surrounding fitness footwear to help ensure you stay in the loop with the upcoming releases.

Best Running Shoes Under 100


Best All-Round Running Shoes Under 100 - New Balance Arishi V3

Best running shoes under 100 New Balance product image of a single white, blue, and red shoe.
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New Balance
Brand: New Balance | Material: 50% Synthetic / 50% Mesh | Closure: Lace-up

The New Balance Arishi V3s look to be extremely well-rounded running shoes, but don't come with the accompanying hefty price tag.


What we like about these trainers, in particular, is that they feature Fresh Foam midsoles which, New Balance boasts, are precision-engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride.

Moreover, the upper is made from a no-sew mesh that should be both stylish and well-ventilated to help your feet breathe during your workouts.

On the whole, we feel these New Balance Arishi V3s are well worth considering to take your running game to the next level for less.

Best Running Shoes Under 100 For Beginners - Brooks Revel 5

Best running shoes under 100 Brooks product image of a pair of grey and blue shoes.
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Brand: Brooks | Material: Fabric | Closure: Lace-up

The Brooks Revel 5s look to be some of the most advanced sneakers for running on a budget around right now.


They come with BioMoGo DNA cushioning which, Brooks states, adapts to your stride, weight, and speed to help protect your body and joints by deflecting away any shock during your runs.

Furthermore, the arrow-point pattern in the outsoles is designed to let your foot move from heel to toe faster, helping beginners improve their running technique and performance.

Ultimately, we feel these Brooks Revel 5s are a good option to consider, especially if you're just starting your fitness journey.

Best Lightweight Running Shoes Under 100 - adidas Astrarun

Best running shoes under 100 adidas product image of a single black and white shoe.
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Brand: adidas | Material: Mesh | Closure: Lace-up

There's a lot to like about the adidas Astraruns, most notably the lightweight and breathable mesh upper, engineered to reduce the feeling of being weighed down by your footwear.


In terms of comfort, Astraruns features adidas' Boost technology in the midsoles and Bounce cushioning inside the trainers which should absorb the impact during each stride you take.

It's also worth noting that they come with fit counter heels and durable Adiwear outsoles, allowing your Achilles to move naturally for an unrestricted ride.

All in all, these adidas Astraruns look to be a solid option to consider to fulfill all your running needs.

Best Running Shoes Under 100 For Cushioning - Nike Winflo 8

Best running shoes under 100 Nike product image of a single black and white shoe.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Flywire Mesh | Closure: Lace-up

Nike is one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment around, producing the likes of some of the best football boots on the market, however, the Nike Winflo 8s are a great example of its expertise in running.


Nike boasts these are the perfect shoes for either the track or the road thanks to its Zoom cushioning and IMEVA foam midsoles, designed to keep you comfortable during your jogs.

Moreover, they feature multi-directional tread patterns which should offer incredible grip so you remain balanced and confident as you exercise.

It's also worth mentioning the Flywire mesh outer which will likely be highly breathable and ventilated, which is another reason why we're including the Winflo 8s in our list.

Best Trail Running Shoes Under 100 - Merrell MTL Skyfire

Best running shoes under 100 Merrell product image of a single grey running shoe.
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Brand: Merrell | Material: Mesh | Closure: Lace-up

Road running is one thing, but running on off-road trails is an entirely different beast that requires footwear with more grip.


Thankfully, these Merrell MTL Skyfires feature mountain-grade Quantum Grip rubber outsoles which should help you maintain traction as you tackle tough dirt tracks.

As well as EVA foam midsoles, you also get rock plate platforms with the Merrell MTL Skyfires, designed to protect you against the unpredictable terrain of trails.

With the mesh uppers and the foam midsoles, we feel these Merrell MTL Skyfires are a great option to consider if you're a fan of off-road running, and could even be considered a top winter running shoe as well.

Latest Running Shoe News

Sneaker technology is constantly improving, so we've decided to discuss some of the latest news surrounding running shoes to make sure you remain in the loop with any upcoming releases.

New adidas Ultraboost 360 2.0 Colourways Leaked

Latest running shoe news adidas Ultraboost 360 2.0 product image of an off-white, orange, and blue sneaker above a similar black and navy iteration.
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Credit: @apolloluo1976

Two new Ultraboost 360 2.0 colourways have surfaced online, the first of which adopts an off-white, blue, and orange palette, with a light grey lattice encapsulating the Boost foam midsoles.


The second iteration opts for a much darker colour scheme, combining black with hints of navy and light blue.

The release date for these two new Ultraboosts is unknown right now, so stay tuned for updates right here.

Leaked Images Give First Look At Ultraboost 23

Latest running shoe news adidas UltraBOOST product image of a single black trainer with a white midsole and blue details.
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Credit: @woganwodeyang

Leaked images have emerged of adidas' new Ultraboost 23s which feature a sizable upgrade to the soles... literally.


The new units are not only bigger, but they also include dual nodes at the back as opposed to one smooth layer.

The release date is to be announced, so make sure you stay tuned to find out the latest news right here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Shoes Under 100

With so many different kinds of running shoes available, you probably have a number of questions about them, but we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

What Should You Look For In Running Shoes?

It is no secret that running can be a tough form of exercise both on your cardiovascular endurance and on your muscles and joints.

In terms of what you're looking for, one of the stand-out features to keep track of is the cushioning as this diverts the impact and shock felt during each stride which, in turn, puts less strain on your body and joints.

Also, it's worth paying attention to how much your trainers weigh as heavier shoes have been linked to feeling weighed down which ultimately negatively impacts your performance.


Are Running Shoes Worth It?

Although the price of running shoes does vary, our list suggests you can still pick up a solid pair of trainers for a relatively inexpensive price.

To completely answer the question though, you'll need to establish whether you're serious about running and feel a pair of running trainers can take your performance to the next level

If the answer is yes, then in order to keep your body safe and to help you progress, running shoes will probably be worth it as they offer you a number of key features tailored specifically for running that normal trainers don't provide like foam midsoles to soften the impact with the ground.

How Often Should You Run?

This is really down to you and your recovery time.

Running a few days each week will help improve your fitness, particularly your cardio, but be careful not to overdo it because you can cause yourself long-term damage if you don't allow your body to repair.

Make sure you include enough rest days each week to give your body time to recover before you set out on another run because running when you're not fully recovered will greatly impact your performance and increase your chance of injury.


Can You Use Running Shoes In The Gym?

For weightlifting, you need a pair of trainers that have flat, thin soles to increase your contact with the ground to improve traction and so you can drive through during lifts such as squats.

By contrast, running shoes are typically quite curved and padded to absorb the shock from each stride and to help with forward momentum, so aren't really the ideal trainers for weightlifting.

However, for cardiovascular, machine-based activities such as rowing, a pair of running trainers should be more than suitable.

Can You Wear Running Shoes Every Day?

The stability and cushioning provided by a pair of running shoes should make them a great choice for everyday wear. The additional support will likely keep you comfortable if you end up on your feet for most of your day.

However, the more miles you cover from wearing your running shoes every day will result in them becoming worn a lot quicker. Most notably, you'll typically find the insole and grip to wear out faster than other components.

As a result, you may need to replace your running shoes more regularly if you opt to wear them on an everyday basis; however, the choice is down to you.

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