Best Sneakers For Winter 2024

Someone in black trousers and white socks sitting in a chair with blue and white camouflage low-top shoes.
Credit: BAPE x adidas

Someone in black trousers and white socks sitting in a chair with blue and white camouflage low-top shoes.
Credit: BAPE x adidas

If you're looking to refresh your winter wardrobe, picking up a pair of the best sneakers for winter is a great place to start. There's a lot of competition in this field though, but luckily for you, we've put together a list of five great options to kick off your search in the best way possible.

Our focus zeroes in on top sneakers with insulated, cushioned interiors, keeping your feet snug amidst plummeting temperatures. Leather reigns supreme here due to its superior resistance to rain and snow compared to mesh or fabric alternatives.

Visual appeal isn't compromised either; we've selected designs that harmoise with winter's darker, frostier palette. Expect a spectrum of natural tones and blues, as a result, perfectly complementing the season. For those craving a dash of vibrancy too, we've incorporated splashes of colour while maintaining a predominant theme of icy hues.

So, whether you're on the hunt for a stylish pair of Nike Dunks, like the captivating "Polar Blue" Lows, or seeking out some of the best adidas shoes available right now, you can count on us to guide you through the ideal choices for this winter season. Let's get into it.

Best sneakers for winter

  1. Nike Dunk Low "Polar Blue" - best Nike option
  2. BAPE x adidas Forum 84 Low "30th Anniversary Blue" - a stylish adidas collab
  3. New Balance 1906D Protection Pack Leather "Triple Black" - a top New Balance pick
  4. Air Jordan 1 High Element GORE-TEX "Sky J Purple" - top-tier Jordans
  5. Fragment x Converse Weapon "White Blue Black" - best Converse sneakers
Nike Dunk Low "Polar Blue" product image of a white and light blue leather Nike Dunk Low.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike Dunk Low "Polar Blue"

Best Nike sneakers for winter

The clue is in the name with this one - the "Polar Blue" Nike Dunk Low perfectly encapsulates the winter season with its simple yet effective white and light blue colour scheme that essentially emulates all the snow and frost you come to expect around this time of year.

If you want a shoe that effortlessly blends in with your surroundings in winter, this is it. However, we haven't just picked this sneaker based on its colour palette. No, there's a lot more to this shoe than that.

For instance, it's a Nike Dunk, an iconic model with a timeless design that dates all the way back to some of the best basketball shoes on the market in the '80s. Despite its roots firmly planted in sport, however, the Dunk's aesthetic is one that fits in no matter the situation.

Dressed up or dressed down, the Nike Dunk, particularly this "Polar Blue" colourway, just works in winter. And, being made almost entirely from leather, you won't have any water soaking through your kicks if you decide to wear these shoes in some rather unsavoury weather.

BAPE x adidas Forum 84 Low "30th Anniversary Blue" product image of a camoflagued low-top in multiple shades of blue, featuring a strap across the tongue.
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Credit: adidas

2. BAPE x adidas Forum 84 Low "30th Anniversary Blue"

Best adidas sneakers for winter

Staying with the blue theme, we now delve into an intriguing offering from adidas: the BAPE x adidas Forum 84 Low. This sneaker earns its place on our list for many of the same compelling reasons as the Nike Dunk mentioned above.

With its rich array of blues and crisp whites, it encapsulates the essence of the winter season. However, what sets it apart is its bold and distinctive design, which pushes the boundaries compared to our previous entry. For example, the upper is adorned with BAPE's iconic camouflage print, adding a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, the BAPE x adidas Forum 84 Low exudes a distinct '80s vibe. The Forum model first graced the scene in 1984 and appeared on the feet of numerous top NBA stars of that era. Remarkably, its design has remained relatively unchanged over the years, preserving that strong sense of nostalgia.

This sneaker effortlessly combines a retro feel with a contemporary twist as a result, courtesy of BAPE's infusion of modern cultural elements. While it's versatile enough to be worn throughout the year, it truly shines as an exceptional choice for the winter season.

New Balance 1906D Protection Pack Leather "Triple Black" product image of an all-black New Balance low-top.
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Credit: New Balance

3. New Balance 1906D Protection Pack Leather "Triple Black"

Best New Balance sneakers for winter

We've been a bit blue-heavy so far, so it's time to go for something a little darker, perhaps even moodier if that's what you're into. When it comes to darkness, they don't come much darker than the "Triple Black" New Balance 1906D.

This sneaker features an all-black design, as per the name, which is great in winter for several reasons. For one, black is extremely forgiving when dirty. Unlike white shoes, black trainers can still look relatively fresh even if they're caked in mud, something that's almost unavoidable in the winter season.

Black also harmonises superbly with the darker nights and shorter days that winter brings. And, what's interesting about this particular New Balance shoe is that, although the 1906D is usually made of suede, this version features leather instead, which is easier to clean and is more resistant to water.

So, if you're looking for a sneaker that can keep your feet protected while effortlessly blending in with your surroundings, then the "Triple Black" New Balance 1906D is worth checking out for winter.

Air Jordan 1 High Element GORE-TEX "Sky J Purple" product image of a purple, beige, and yellow high-top sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

4. Air Jordan 1 High Element GORE-TEX "Sky J Purple"

Best Jordan sneakers for winter

When it comes to protection though, you won't find many sneakers as well equipped for the adverse weather of winter than a pair of Air Jordan 1 Highs, specifically those covered in GORE-TEX.

GORE-TEX is a fabric membrane that is both waterproof and breathable, making it great for shoes as it can help keep your feet dry while allowing cool air to flow through to avoid the insides of your shoes becoming a sauna.

This "Sky J Purple" GORE-TEX high-top is a particularly noteworthy example of the technology seamlessly being incorporated into a sneaker's design. It wraps around all the nubuck and textile upper, helping repel water rather than allowing it to soak into the material.

We'd also say the colour scheme is fairly "wintery", with hits of purple combined with natural tanned and sail tones. As it's a high-top, the shoe also provides extra protection and warmth around your ankle to keep you toasty while out and about in these sneakers in winter.

Fragment x Converse Weapon "White Blue Black" product image of a white, black, and blue leather Converse high-top.
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Credit: Converse

5. Fragment x Converse Weapon "White Blue Black"

Best Converse sneakers for winter

Our final entry is this excellent sneaker collaboration between Fragment and Converse, who have put together a stunning shoe that fits perfectly with the typical troupes of the winter season.

White, blue, and black combine throughout and are three colours which we've already talked about being an excellent choice for the season. As is the all-leather finish, adding a little more protection against harsh weather compared to mesh or fabric trainers.

The design is incredibly retro as well, featuring the iconic Converse logo in blue on the sides for everyone to see, just like it did when the Weapon first debuted in 1986.

There's an air of the Jordan 1 about the design (no pun intended), although we'd argue that the Fragment Weapon is a great sneaker in its own right, perhaps even one of the best Converse shoes on the market, at least for winter anyway.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You may have some questions about what makes a good pair of sneakers for the winter months. Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

What should you look for in a good pair of sneakers for winter?

As mentioned in our introduction, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind when picking a good pair of sneakers for the winter months.

Firstly, we'd recommend opting for something waterproof or at least made from a material that won't absorb rainwater in case you're caught out in your new sneakers during a downpour.

Leather, rubber, or synthetic shoes are a good option to consider here as they don't absorb water in the same way fabric sneakers can. Anything complete with a layer of waterproofing like GORE-TEX can also massively help keep your feet dry.

We'd also recommend going for sneakers built to retain heat for warmth during cold spells. Again, leather sneakers work well because not as much air passes through the material. Also, sneakers that come with cushioned interiors should also retain heat by giving just that little extra layer of protection.

Of course, these are only our suggestions. What shoes you choose to wear ultimately comes down to your own personal preference.

What colour sneakers are best for winter?

This is another which boils down to personal preference and the kind of colours you wear during the winter months.

For instance, if you find yourself wearing darker clothing in winter, then opting for navy or black sneakers may be best if you're trying to match your footwear to your outfit.

However, we're also a fan of colours that correlate to the winter months. For example, white and light blue can link nicely with snow and frosty surroundings as part of a more tonal winter wardrobe. You could even opt for sneakers dressed in colours relating to the holiday season if you're looking to get into the festive spirit.

The main thing is there is no right or wrong answer to the question. It's a personal choice to make that comes down to your own individual style.

Where can you buy the best sneakers for winter?

You can pick up most sneakers directly through the manufacturer in question's website or at in-person stores like Nike or outlets like Footlocker, which offer a wider variety of brands to choose from.

However, if you arrive at the store and find out that the sneakers you're looking for are sold out, then we'd recommend checking out resale marketplaces like StockX or GOAT, both of which authenticate every purchase to ensure your second-hand pick-ups are real rather than fakes.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers to find out all the best locations for purchasing new shoes.

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