V10 R-League: Unique format promises exciting racing

The V10 R-League has officially been announced and it heralds a new era for esports and sim racing.

The popularity of esports has exploded during lockdown, as traditional racing series had their seasons postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The R-League offers a unique racing format that will make the competition close and exciting through the series' duration. Here's why you need to see it!

Changing the formula

Both the cars and the format of the V10 R-League are markedly different to what we see in other racing series.

The cars are all equal in terms of performance and will be beasts around the tracks. All the racers have a 900 bhp V10 engine at their disposal, making the cars capable of topping 220mph (354kph) at some circuits.

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HIGH-OCTANE ACTION: The V10 R-League's cars are incredible machines

At just 700kg in total weight, this will make the V10 R-League's cars as fast as some of the most impressive open-wheeled racers out there.

The format these V10 monsters will compete in is entirely new and designed for wheel-to-wheel racing.

Each team names three drivers to compete in the three rounds, solo head-to-head races, a relay race, and a team race.

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Each of the eight teams will compete against each other once during the season, making a total of 28 "matches" through the series, spread over seven "match days".

Whichever team gets the most points across these meetings is awarded the win for the league table. There's also a cash prize that goes to the best driver of the day!

The variety of challenges and the quick nature of the series will attract motorsport and esport fans from around the world!

Top Teams

The hallmark of any good series is the teams which it attracts. With some of the highest-profile racing outfits being involved in the R-League, this is a very positive sign.

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THE BIG DOG: Red Bull have been confirmed as one of the series' teams (credit @RedBullRacingEsports/@Zakon_By)

Red Bull Racing Esports has been confirmed as the latest team to join the series' roster. Red Bull is one of the biggest names in racing, having representation in the highest echelons of motorsport.

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Williams Esports, Racing Point, and a partnership of Jean Alesi's esports academy and Suzuki are also among confirmed teams.

The best circuits

The cars and teams are second to none, but you need premium racing venues to complete the show. Not to worry though, the V10 R-League calendar visits some of the best circuits in the world!

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RACE IN THE GULF: The UAE's Yas Marina Circuit also features in the V10 R-League

Widely regarded as three of the best circuits on the planet, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Monza, and Spa-Francorhcamps all feature on V10 R-league's calendar.

Laguna Seca and Brands Hatch are also on the calendar, two tracks which some traditional series cannot travel to due to their facilities.

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Like the cars themselves, the beauty of esports is that you can conceivably race on any circuit in the world, regardless of how realistic it would be.

How to watch the V10 R-League

Season 1 of V10 R-League starts today! You can watch all eight teams in action at 7pm BST on BT Sport 2.

Those in the US can watch on ESPN3, while in the Middle East it will be available on STARZPLAY Arabia.

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