MotoGP 20: Qatar Grand Prix Setup Guide

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MotoGP 20 is finally here! And we're big fans of Milestone's annual release.

For those that are new to the franchise and motorcycle racing games in general, we have a beginner's guide to get you off on the right track.

Setups are key to being fast around a racing circuit, especially when you're starting off in the game.

Aside from testing, the first circuit you'll tackle in Career Mode is Qatar's Losail race track. Here's the setup you need to succeed in the Gulf state!


Losail's track surface is billiard table smooth, so you can be aggressive with your choice of tyres.

MotoGP™20 tyre choices Qatar
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ADVENTUROUS: You need to be aggressive with your tyre choice to be fast in Qatar

Either softs on both the rear and front or a medium on the rear axle is best. We'd recommend medium on the rear though, as softs will struggle towards the end of your race.


Qatar's long start-finish straight makes it necessary to be aggressive with your suspension setup. This will make the corners of the infield more difficult, but it's what you need for a fast lap time.

We recommend high preload values of 10 on the front and 7 on the rear to increase your grip levels. Your fork values also need to be high, possibly all the way up to 10.

MotoGP™20 Suspension setting Qatar
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PRECISE: Accuracy is the name of the game in Losail.

Shock absorbers should be 6 for front and rear, as you'll be using a lot of kerbs around here. The springs need to be hard for steering precision though, we went with 9, 8 on the front and rear.

Steering Adjustment

With your suspension set up to be precise, you can afford to make the bike more stable with regards to the steering adjustment.

MotoGP™20 Steering Adjustment setting Qatar min
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STEADY AS A ROCK: Your steering adjustment will make the corners a breeze in the desert.

A full 10 on the head and 8 on the trail will stabilise the bike through the long corners in sectors two and three.

Gear Ratio

MotoGP™20 Gear Ratio setting Qatar min
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The long start/ finish straight requires your final gear ratio to top out higher than normal. The rest of the gears can be set to a lower speed though, to aid acceleration out of the slow corners.

Brake System

MotoGP™20 brake system setting Qatar
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Aside from Turn 1, there aren't many big stops in Qatar, so your braking system shouldn't deviate from the defaults of 340mm and 220mm.



There's a lot of slow corners to accelerate out of, so traction control is something you're going to be using out circuit. Turn both that and the engine braking up to their maximum values. Anti-wheelie aid can be turned down to 3 though, the front axle shouldn't be lifting off much round here.

MotoGP™20 ECU setting Qatar min
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Be sure to turn your power up to 2 for the straights and whenever you've got excess fuel in the tank. These can all be adjusted out on track and during the race though, so feel free to alter these as your race progresses.

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