Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.60 Notes - Reduction in Car Deflection Improves Immersion & more

With no confirmation of the rumoured Gran Turismo 7 being released on PS5, GT gamers are still focussing on GT Sport.

Polyphony have been tenacious in releasing updates for GT Sport and another update has arrived for Sony’s exclusive racing sim.

Update 1.60 brings a reduction in car deflection, but what else is in this patch? We've got everything you need to know right here!

What Does a Change in Deflection Mean?

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MORE REALISTIC CRASHES: This update changes the way cars connect on track

Polyphony released the patch notes on the GT website, detailing what we can expect from update 1.60.

The reduction in car deflection is a change to the physics model that lowers the reaction of cars when they collide. This change only applies to Sport mode, not Lobby mode.

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This should address the complaints that it's too easy to spin when making minor contact with another car.

That's not all that's available in this patch though!

Corrections to Liveries

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CORRECTING THE FUTURE: This concept has produced some issues in GT Sport

The issue with the Livery Editor not working for the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept car has been corrected. Previously, the race number of the bonnet had been unnaturally distorted.

Polyphony have also repaired the problem with the engine sound for this car.

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The sound of the engine previously changed when applying the car settings or Balance of Performance (BOP) in Regulation Settings on oval circuits.

Update 1.60 is available now for all GT Sports Players.

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