Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.57: Patch Notes – Toyota Supra makes its return

Polyphony have released the latest update for GT Sport and it contains one iconic new car.

George Howson by George Howson
gt sport patch notes update 1 57

Rumours of Gran Turismo 7 being released alongside the PS5 are plentiful.

For now though, we’ve still got GT Sport, which is receiving regular patches and updates from Polyphony.

Details of the latest patch have been unveiled by the developers, so what’s can players expect from Patch 1.57?

The return of an icon

For those that are old enough to remember, the Toyota Supra was an elite sports car back in the early 00s. The Supra was driven by Fast and Furious’ Brian O’Conner and one of the most popular cars during Need for Speed’s heyday.

The Supra ceased production in 2002 but is back with a vengeance in the roaring 20s.

Gran Turismo Sport Toyota GR Supra RS 20 N300 exterior
RETURN OF THE KING: An early 2000’s classic is back in production and in GT

Update 1.57 brings the Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20 (N300) to life in Gran Turismo Sport. President of Polyphony Kazunori Yamouchi announced the introduction of the new Supra via the PlayStation blog last week.

Gran Turismo Sport Toyota GR Supra RS 20 N300 interior
THE WORKS: This new car comes with a full interior for added realism

Chief Engineer at Polyphony Tetsuya Tada, described his in-game rendition of the new Supra:

‘Numbers are one thing, feeling is what matters. Optimally balanced with a 50:50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity, it provides powerful acceleration with a twin-scroll turbo. The quick handling enabled by the wide-body and short wheelbase is a result of a pursuit to achieve an ideal sports car, and its glamorous and elegant form and straight-six engine sound combine to give it an aura that is unrivaled by others.”

The best way to experience the car though, is to take it for a spin yourself, it won’t disappoint!

There haven’t been any tweaks to the gameplay, nor any bug fixes.

Update 1.57 is available now for all GT Sport players.

George Howson