DIRT 5 Playgrounds: Unleash your creativity and challenge the community

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Creating your own course is a simple enough idea but tough to execute in any game.

In a racing game where car classes, terrain, and weather are all factors it can be even harder. DIRT 5 gets it right though.

Welcome to Playgrounds

In Playgrounds, DIRT 5 racers can create, upload, and drive in courses that test everything from precision driving to donut skills.

The mode is reminiscent of old Tony Hawks games with their creation suites. However, tuned up to the current-gen and with some quality handling the mode brings DIRT 5 to life in a way other games struggle to replicate.

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HERE COMES TROUBLE: Speed isn't always your friend in Playgrounds

We were given a preview build of DIRT 5 that featured two Playgrounds modes, Gymkhana and Gate Crasher.

Gymkhana is all about stunts, drifting, and chaining together tricks to build points. Gate Crasher, as it sounds, is passing through gates on your way to the finish line.

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However, thanks to a wide array of items, blocks, and barriers no two created maps are the same.

Build your challenge

With stadiums and outdoor spaces you can decide if you want to maximise a tight space or give players plenty of room to get into trouble.

There's classic school buses and rings of fire to position, along with neon signs and even TV screens and giant energy drink bottles.

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LET YOUR IMAGINATION LOOSE: Create crazy arenas and tricky challenges

Once you're happy with your arena you have to validate it and then you can send it out into the wider world!

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You can even specify the car players must use. Some kind designers will give you just the right equipment to tackle their creation, but some will leave you with entirely the wrong machine for the job!

Race the world

Naturally there are leaderboards, both global and within your friends, to match yourself against.

It can quickly drive you to seek that perfect run where you shave a few tenths off to beat a friend's time.

In Gymkhana there is almost no upper limit on the points you can score, making it ideal for perfectionists.

DIRT 5 release date

DIRT 5 releases on 16 October.

Early access is available via the Amplified Edition, which arrives on 13 October.

It will be out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC (via Steam). Console gamers will receive a free next-gen upgrade with the game. A Stadia version is expected in 2021.

Secure your copy by pre-ordering here.

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