PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Time and Date

PUBG has become a battle royale phenomenon since its release, influencing the biggest games in the market and being one of the driving forces behind a complete shakeup of the gaming industry. In the wake of its huge success, many other franchises have followed suit and jumped on the genre.

PUBG Mobile is just one more step into this franchise, quickly becoming one of most played mobile games out there

After tonnes of updates, season 20 is just around the corner. Here's what you should know about its release and when you can expect to get in there for yourself.

Latest - Season 20 Out Today

Season 20 is finally almost here. You can get in there at some point over the next day.

It's still not entirely concrete when it will go live but we will update here as soon as we know about it.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 Release Time

Unlike most battle royale games, PUBG Mobile starts its seasons a few days after the last one ends. Most others tend to start their season immediately but PUBG gives a little cooldown time before everything starts up again.

According to recent patch notes, we can expect to see the release of season 20 on July 14th, mere days away. Make sure to get your current pass finished off in time for the next one.

We don't know when the next season will arrive just yet but we do have some pretty good guesses. Looking at the release of PUBG Mobile Season 19, servers launched at 10 pm EST / 3 am BST.

Realistically, we can expect something similar from season 20. This means players in British Standard Time won't get it to the following day, unfortunately.

This isn't a guarantee though and can change at any moment so expect all the latest updates right here as we find out the official time. If it doesn't start when it says it will just give it another hour or two to start.

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