PUBG Season 20 is Right Around The Corner; Here's What's Coming

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PUBG Mobile Season 20 means something big for PUBG Mobile. It's an expression on how far the game has come and how far it will still go. Promises new changes to the formula and setting the grounds for even more change in the future, here's what you need to know coming up to release.

Latest - Season 20 Arrives Today

Season 19 ended the other day and now it's time for the next season to arrive. It should come out worldwide later on today


Unfortunately, we don't know when it will arrive just yet but will update here as we figure it out.

When Does PUBG Mobile Season 20 start?

As far as we can tell, the next season of PUBG Mobile kicks off on July 14th following the release of PUBG Mobile Version 1.5 and the start of Mission Ignition.


What makes things interesting is the Royale Pass system is being changed into a monthly offering, rather than a season-long subscription. This means that Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era is what's going to start on July 14th.

In theory, you could argue that PUBG Mobile Season 20 has started with the 1.5 update it has just dropped.

What's On The Way?

The current version of PUBG Mobile has been in beta for a while now, so we know a lot more about what's coming than you might think. Below, we've listed all the new content that's coming in PUBG Mobile's 1.5 update and what you should start seeing as we head further into Season 20.

  • New Vehicle: Anti-Gravity Motorcycle
  • New Weapon: MG3
  • New Equipment: Binoculars
  • Air Conveyor Launcher
  • Erangel Transit System
  • Prior Air Summoning Device
  • Patrol and Protection Robot
  • Throwables & Consumables
  • Victory Statue
  • Remaining Ammo Indicator

As you can see, things are getting pretty futuristic in PUBG Mobile. Annoyingly, Tencent don't usually release traditional Patch Notes for PUBG Mobile and they certainly don't release anything like the coverage PUBG updates get. This means you'll have to explore a lot of what's new yourself as you play! It's not the worst system but it isn't ideal.