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What Time Does PUBG Mobile Season 19 Release?

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PUBG Mobile just get bigger every day. With Season 19 just around the corner, there's a little bit of time to prep beforehand.

If you're looking for the exact release time and a little information on the day itself, we have you covered.

Release Day

Season 18 ended just a few days ago on May 15, so we're looking forward to all that comes in Season 19.

Luckily for you, Season 19 comes out today, May 17. This means you have mere hours to wait to get in there.

If, for any reason, season 19 doesn't start when they suggest it does, just give it a day or a few hours to figure itself out and it should be all good to go.

Although season 18's pass has ended, you only have to wait a little bit to get started on a new one. If you're planning on playing, you may as well wait until season 19 starts to get the most out of your wins.

Release Time

If you click on the Royale Pass, it actually reveals this information. If you can't be bothered to count it up, here's when it unlocks.

According to that clock, season 19's Royale Pass should unlock worldwide for everyone on May 17 at 10 pm EST / 3 am BST.

How to Download It

Make sure you're up to date with the 1.4 update that comes with the latest season. This should update automatically. After this, you should be able to download Season 19 from in PUBG Mobile itself.

In the game itself, it should download as you get to the release time and likely won't let you play until you've done so. Make sure you have the time and storage beforehand.

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