PES 2021 Licenses: Who will replace Inter Milan? Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid & more

Konami have announced that their license with Inter Milan will not be renewed after this season, although they will remain on PES 2020.

EA have struck back after losing Juventus last year, so how will Konami respond ahead of PES 2021?

Inter Milan

Konami have revealed that the license for Inter Milan will not be renewed, suggesting that EA have accrued the exclusive rights to Antonio Conte’s side.

This could be a clever ploy by EA, with Inter looking ready to challenge in Italy and Europe once more.

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RETALIATION! Are EA striking back after the loss of Juventus?

The Milan club have showed their intent with the signing of Real Madrid youngster Achraf Hakimi.

After Konami stunned us all by forcing Piemonte Calcio upon FIFA 20, the Inter Milan deal denies a full Serie A for PES 2021.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid are one of the biggest clubs on the planet and would be a great addition by Konami.

Rumours have begun surrounding the 13-time European champions, and their contract with EA is uncertain.

Read more about Real Madrid and PES 2021 here.

Atletico Madrid

Could it be a double signing by Konami?

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Nabbing both Madrid teams would be a major coup for PES 2021, especially if Konami manage to acquire more exclusive rights!

Adding one of Spain’s big teams to Barcelona would help improve PES 2021 and disrupt EA’s monopoly of La Liga.

Serie A

Could Konami trade blow for blow?

With no Inter, Konami could focus on AC Milan as Serie A has proved fruitful for the franchise.

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Exclusive rights to another team would really set the cat among the pigeons.

Exclusive Rights

The exclusive rights to Juventus sent a shockwave through the FIFA community, showing just how valuable licenses are to the games.

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DENIED! Konami have the rights to the likes of Barcelona, but can they sign another one exclusively?

Another exclusive deal for a major club could really upset the apple cart, especially if it came from the Premier League.

While the chances of this are remote at best, another Italian club or potentially a La Liga giant would be excellent for PES 2021.

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