Overwatch 2: How to fix “Error starting a game” bug

Overwatch 2 Error starting a game bug

Overwatch 2 Error starting a game bug

Overwatch 2's first two weeks have been a struggle as the game has been riddled with issues, problems with performance, tons of pesky bugs, numerous error codes, and even DDoS attacks.

The developers over at Blizzard Entertainment have been trying to grapple with the problems even releasing the game's first Retail Patch Notes two weeks post-launch which took on nearly 20 bugs. But even with that attempt, players are still experiencing issues.

One of the most notable and recurring ones is the "Error stating a game" bug. A problem that is not letting players launch their game, let alone play it.

Here's how to fix the incredibly annoying "Error stating a game" bug in Overwatch 2.

How to fix “Error starting a game” bug in Overwatch 2

Usually caused by issues with the game's files, the "Error stating a game" bug is strictly on the players' side. This means that, essentially, there are no problems to be had on the game's servers, leaving the fixing up to the players.

Overwatch 2 “Error starting a game” bug
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
INVINCIBLE: Overwatch 2's “Error starting a game” bug won't leave players alone

Unfortunately, there's no clear-cut solution to this problem. However, there are a few ways to try to remedy the situation.

Here are some methods:

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Repair the Overwatch 2 Game Files

For PC users, one of the best things to do for starters is to repair the Overwatch 2 game files.

Sometimes issues like this error stem from corrupted game files. To fix that, you can repair Overwatch 2 via the Battle.net launcher.

Here's a step-by-step:

1. Open your Battle.net launcher

2. Select Overwatch 2 in your Library (All Games)

3. Click on the cogwheel to the right of the Play button

4. Click on Scan and Repair

5. Click on Begin Scan

Once you click it, it'll begin by scanning for any issues such as a corrupted game file. If found, it'll then repair it.

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Verify for the latest version of Overwatch 2

Next up is making sure that the version of Overwatch 2 you're running is the most recent one. Yes, even though the game's brand-new.

For PC users, click on the cogwheel to the right of the Play button "Check for Updates." If an update is available, it'll begin downloading it, if not, then nothing will happen.

For Xbox and PlayStation users, press Start or Options on your controller while highlighting the Overwatch 2 app and select "Check For Updates." If there's an update it'll begin installing, if there's not, you're in the clear.

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Update your Graphics Drivers

Another thing to do after you've tried the methods above is updating your Graphics Drivers. PC only, of course. PC users can do this by going to their respective cards' applications.

For NVIDIA you'll be looking at GeForce, for AMD, you'll be looking for the Radeon app.

Restart your PC or Console

A tried and true method is just restarting your platform. Restart your PC or Console. You can go about it in two ways, do the regular restart or unplug your platform for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Uninstall and re-install Apex Legends

When all else fails, uninstall and re-install Overwatch 2.

On both PC and Console, make sure that the game's completely uninstalled, once there aren't any remnants of the game left, begin re-installing it.

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