Overwatch 2: DDoS Attack Hits Overwatch 2 Servers

Blizzard has been hit with many DDoS attacks from hackers on their new Overwatch 2 servers.

The company has openly excluded many players with certain requirements to play the game.

However, now people are lucky to have been able to play the game on release.

The whole release night was tarnished as people around the world were met with these attacks.

So, let's take a look at the attacks on the servers, what happened, and a timeframe of when they may be resolved.

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DDoS attacks

Blizzard released a formal statement which mentioned the DDoS attacks which took place on October 4, release date.

The attacks focused on the Overwatch 2 servers which meant that many players struggled to actually get in and play the game. Matchmaking was impossible.

This was noticed quickly by Blizzard and repairs were started almost instantly.

Individuals who work at Blizzard were vocal about the events. However, its social media channels were not so vocal.

Mike Ybarra Overwatch 2 tweets

Blizzard's boss, Mike Ybarra released several tweets which reassured fans of the situation.

A later tweet from Aaron Keller also mentioned that the Overwatch 2 team are working hard overnight to correct this issue.

Despite all the work, there are still players unable to get into the game. Mix this with a variety of other bug issues and you have a very unsuccessful launch.

Other Overwatch 2 bug fixes

It seems that this launch of the sequel was laden with bugs and issues.

Several other Overwatch 2 bugs also had to be corrected before players would be able to access the matchmaking.

Typical bugs that players were seeing were...

  • In-game currency going missing.
  • Sections not populating well.
  • Areas becoming inaccessible.
  • Black screens show up many times.
  • SMS Verification made the client unusable.

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