*UPDATED* Overwatch 2: Bastion Guide, Abilities, Playstyle, Glitch, and More

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few days and players are looking for the best heroes to dominate their games.

One of these heroes has undergone a rework, leaving them with a big glitch that many players are abusing.

Many Bastion fans say that the hero is back to his heyday in the first game with his new changes.

However, many also feel that he still needs some more energy to get back to that stage.

So, let's take a look at a guide for Bastion, how to play him, his abilities, and more in Overwatch 2.

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*UPDATED* Bastion was removed temporarily from the game

Bastion has really improved since his first show in Overwatch.

However, in Overwatch 2 he has become a problem due to a groundbreaking glitch.

Because of this, he has been removed from the game until he can be properly fixed.

Bastion abilities

Configurations have changed for Bastion in Overwatch 2.

Configuration: Sentry has been removed and replaced with the assault configuration.

Bastion rework in Overwatch 2
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This gives our little robot friend way more damage and much higher mobility. However, this does make him more squishy too.

Configuration: Recon

  • Mobile, with a lightweight and highly accurate weapon.

Configuration: Assault

  • A slow-moving tank with a powerful rotary cannon.

Configuration: Artillery

  • Become immobile and fire up to three powerful artillery shells.

Here are all of Bastion's current abilities in Overwatch 2.


  • Switch between weapon configurations.

A-36 Tactical Grenade

  • Fire a bomb that bounces off walls ad explodes when it hits enemies or the ground.

Ironclad: Passive

  • Reduced damage is taken while transformed.

Bastion is best at mid-range fights but can also do okay in longer ranges. However, his accuracy decreases the longer he fires.

Bastion in Overwatch 2
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Bastion's reconfigurations are key to getting over any shortcomings the hero has.

Reconfiguring allows the hero to blast through enemy shields whereas with other configs he may have struggled.


Zarya and Bastion are one scary combo in Overwatch 2. With Zarya's ultimate ability, it allows Bastion to get off all three of his artillery strikes.

This could quite easily wipe out a whole team with one little button press.

Mercy from Overwatch 2
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Mercy is another great combo to make sure that enemy shields are nonexistent.

With Mercy powering up Bastion's damage, he can blast through shields in no time!

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