FPS Exploit in Overwatch 2 is giving teams overwhelming advantages

Junkertown Overwatch

Junkertown Overwatch

Adding onto an already problematic Overwatch 2 launch that has been filled with bugs, DDoS attacks, long queue times, and hero removals is a glitch that quickly has turned into an exploit, ruining player experience.

The exploit, which manipulates FPS (Frames Per Second) by performing certain actions, is making the game a struggle to play, and most importantly, giving the ones doing it an unfair advantage if pulled off correctly.

UPDATED - Blizzard disables Junkertown to fix the glitch

Like Bastion and Torbjorn before it, Junkertown has been disabled in all queues to fix the glitch causing graphic performance issues.

"We have temporarily disabled Junkertown in all queues due to a bug that was causing graphic performance issues. Our goal is to re-enable the map, along with Torbjorn and Bastion, with our next planned update on October 25th," stated Community Manager AndyB in the Blizzard forums.

For more information on the glitch scroll below.

Exploit tanks FPS performance in Junkertown, giving unfair advantages

Mainly doable from the Attacker spawn in Junkertown, there is a random piece of scrap in the environment that players can shoot. Upon shooting it, all players involved—not just the Attacking side—begin experiencing massive FPS issues regardless of where they are on the map.

If done correctly, although it also affects them, the Attacking Side can pre-plan plan, or coordinate an attack with the glitch in mind. This allows them to overpower the beginning minutes of the Junkertown map, allowing them to push the payload as far as they can.

Australian Overwatch pro player, cuFFa, showcases how powerful this can be, as they use the glitch as an exploit to quickly win the first team fight.

To begin the match, the pro player blasts the object in question with Zarya's left-click beam and almost immediately you begin to see their computer's performance dwindle, going from 300+ FPS to 90 in a near instant.

This allowed them and their team to quickly overwhelm the start of the match as the team's Widowmaker landed a shot while the Defending side was presumably struggling with FPS issues due to the glitch.

Blizzard has disabled Junkertown until next week, Tuesday, October 25, in order to fix the graphics performance issues.

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