Pokemon Unite Trevenant: New Pokemon's Moveset REVEALED

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TiMi Studios has surprised the Pokemon Unite community by announcing a new Pokemon arriving soon on Aeos Island. Trevenant, the Ghost-Grass Type, will add some interesting new flair to the roster as its next addition.

Introduced in Generation VI, Trevenant can communicate with all trees in the forest. The Pokemon will attack whoever tries to harm the woods, so watch your step!

Here's everything you need to know about Trevenant in Pokemon Unite.

Release Date

Trevenant will go live in Pokemon Unite on January 20, 2022, around 1 pm PT. The Ghost-Grass Type Pokemon is the first new release of 2022.


Based on previous releases, trainers will obtain the Trevenant License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 530 Aeos Gems.

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Trevenant Kit

Trevenant is joining Pokemon Unite as a melee Defender, with unique Crowd Control Abilities.

The Pokemon debuff enemies and deal with DMG while losing some HP.


Type: Defender (Melee) Difficulty: Intermediate

Basic Attack - Every third attack becomes boosted. When the boosted attack hits an enemy, increased DMG to opponents while Trevenant recovers HP.


  • Natural Cure: When Trevenant is at low HP, a continuous heal will be triggered for a short time.
    • The Passive will go on cooldown after the effect ends. The cooldown will be reduced with every skill that successfully hits enemies.

Initial Abilities

  • Will-O-Wisp
    • Shoots 3 sinister flames, producing damage to Opponent Pokemon in the direction, leaving them burned for a short time.
  • Branch Poke
    • Trevenant jab in the designated direction, producing damage to enemies decreasing their movement speed quickly.

Mid-Game Skills

  • Option A: Wood Hammer
    • Level 5: Trevenant pulls back its arms dealing AoE DMG, pulling them in front, leaving them unable to act for a short time.
    • Hitting at least one enemy will allow a follow-up attack, slamming a giant wooden hammer. The lower Trevenant HP, the longer the enemy will be unable to act.
    • Every time this move is used, it consumes some Trevenant HP.
    • Upgrade: The follow-up attack also decreases the damage from opponents for a short time.
  • Option B: Curse
    • Level 5: Trevenant creates a cursed zone in exchange for some of his HP, dealing DMG over time to enemies inside the area of effect and reducing enemies' movement speed.
    • While using this skill, Trevenant builds up curse power every time produces or receives DMG.
    • Releasing the Curse Power will deal extra AoE DMG. If the Curse Power is released when it is complete, it will reset the cooldown of Trevenant abilities.
    • Upgrade: Increased the area of effect of this move.

Late Game Skills

  • Option A: Horn Leech
    • Level 7: Treveant charge forward, damaging opposing pokemon in its path, shoving them as it charges, and throwing them by the end of the move.
    • Colliding with an opposing Pokemon while charging recovers the user’s HP. The lower Trevenant HP, the higher the HP recovered.
    • The basic attacks deal after this move will reduce the cooldown of Horn Leech when they successfully hit opponents.
    • Upgrade: Increases Trevevant Movement Speed after the movement ends.
  • Option B: Plain Split
    • Level 7: Creates a link between Trevenant and a designated opposing Pokémon. While the connection holds, Trevenant redirects a portion of the damage received to the linked Pokémon.
    • The lower Trevevant HP, the greater the percentage of redirected damage. If the liked opponent HP is higher, will recover Trevenant HP.
    • The link will disappear if both pokemon are too far apart. Using this move increases the movement speed for a short time.
    • Upgrade: Increases the time that the link persists before disappearing.

Unite Move: Phantom Forest

  • Level 9: Creates a cursed forest, dealing AoE DMG to opposing Pokémon, throwing them, and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.
  • The Basic Attack of allies will be increased to the opponents hit by this move.
  • Trevenant receives a shield when this Unite Move hits an opposing Pokémon. The protection is more robust the more enemies the unite move hits.
  • While the user is shielded, HP recovery effects applied to the user are strengthened.

Evolution: Phantum Lv. 1 - Trevenant Lv. 5

Trevenant is joining Decidueye, Eldergoss, and Tsareena as other popular Grass Type Pokemon on the Pokemon Unite roster.

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