Pokemon Unite: Tsareena Best Build, Tips & Tricks

Tsareena is the first new All-rounder in Pokemon Unite since release, and she is everything we were hoping for with strong abilities and a free Unite License.

With that in mind, here's our guide on the best Tsareena builds and some tips and tricks to dominate your next games.

Release Date

Tsareena was released in the Pokemon Unite version, which went live on December 9, 2021.

Price: Tsareena is free for everyone. Log in to Pokemon Unite from December 9, 2021, to January 15, 2022, to receive the Unite License!

Tsareena Best Build

Tsareena is All-Arounder with abilities that provide her excellent mobility, Shield, and HP regeneration. Additionally, if Tsareena's abilities are used at the proper timing, they can connect for continued spamming.

Choosing Your Lane

In the current meta, players distribute one top lane, one mid lane, and three in the bottom lane in the current meta.

Therefore, Tsareena's best place is Top lane to secure the lane or the Bottom roaming looking advantage of teamfights.

Early Game

Tsareena is good to pressure opponent Pokemon, stoping them from farm and level-up, exploiting her excellent mobility and resistance to Hindrances.

  • Option A: Triple Axel
  • Level 5: Tsareena spin-kick three times in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. This damage increases each she lands a kick.


Tsareena, at the mid-game, can challenge other Pokemon, as she can recover HP and obtain Shield as long trainer kee in mind Queen Majesty reset.

Option B Grassy Glide.

  • Level 6: Slide in a designated direction, dealing AoE damage decreasing their movement speed.
  • After releasing an attack in the opposite direction, she shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokémon.

Grassy Glide can break encounters or secure kills, stopping enemies from running away.

Late Game

Tsareena Unite move is a double-edged sword. it is incredibly lethal considering enemies will be put Airbone and receive a huge amount of DMG.

However, it is a single target make sure to aim properly and cast the ultimate without finishing in the middle of the entire enemy team.

Queen Ascendent

  • Level 9: Leaps toward an opposing Pokémon and kicks it high into the air before showering it with a flurry of kicks while airborne.

Held Items

  • Muscle Band - This is a must for Tsareena, a total no-brainer. Increase Basic attack DMG, Basic Attack Speed.
  • Choice Specs - Tsareena's potential to hit constantly combos, is boosted with this held item.
  • Weakness Policy - Yes, you read correct, despite being a B-tier held item. Tsareena can take damage and become stronger, as she will continue regenerating her HP.

Battle Items

  • Eject Button - The blink can be a lifesaver in most situations. If you are doing great, you can use it to reach the best positioning.
  • X-Attack - If you are going for a superlative damage option, the extra attack and speed attack of this item will grant big numbers.

Tsareena seems a great counter for Physical Pokemon like defenders and Lucario. However, it requires a learning curve to maximize the use of Queen Majesty passive.

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