Pokemon Unite: Dragonite Best Build, Tips & Tricks

Dragonite is the latest Pokemon joining Pokemon Unite, and is one you won't want to miss as an all-arounder with some very cool abilities.

With that in mind, here's our guide on the best Dragonite builds and some tips and tricks to dominate your next games with the gen 1 favorite.

Release Date

Dragonite was released in the Pokemon Unite version, which went live on December 19, 2021.


Trainers can obtain the Dragonite License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Dragonite Guide - Best Build & Abilities

Dragonite is an All-Arounder with a very diverse arsenal of abilities, combining elements to produce different effects on opponents.

Choosing Your Lane

Dragonite DMG potential can help stir the team distribution a bit, playing two top, one center, and two on the bottom lane.

Therefore, the best lane for Dragonite is the bottom lane, often scoring to put pressure on enemies.

Early Game

Dragonite has a decent early game; however, his full potential is behind the latest evolution. Therefore, we recommend playing conservatively to build up into a real monster.

Option A: Dragon Dance

  • Level 5: Dragonite performs a dance move, increasing his Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and DMG.
  • Hitting an Opponent will reduce the Cooldown of this ability. After being cast three times, it will increase its DMG.

The Dragonite kit's best move allows players to reposition, buff Dragonite DMG and Speed, opening the door for solid Combinations.


There is a bit of argument about which move is better, Outrage or Hyperbeam. But we consider the combination of Hyperbeam with Dragon Dance to be the overall best option.

With Dragon Dance, Hyperbeam will often release attacks with very serious damage and this is simply too much to pass up.

Option A: Hyperbeam

  • Level 8: Dragonite charges up power and unleashes a beam of light that sweeps up the ground in a straight line, dealing DMG based on the opponent's max HP.
  • Dragonite is stunned after using this skill.
  • Upgrade: Damage taken from enemies will be reduced while using this skill.

Keep track of the basic attack stacks before using Hyerbeam for the highest DMG output.

Late Game

Despite the extremely long range of Dragonite Unite Move, it is better when used in short-range, reducing the Unite Move cooldown.

Nonetheless, players can use Draco Impact for those game-changing scoring or defend essential objectives. Just keep in mind the DMG and Hindrances are reducing the most extended Dragonite Fly.

Unite Move: Draco Impact

  • Level 9: Dragonite flies for a few seconds before crashing down with several comets on a designated area, dealing AoE damage, and throwing enemies.
  • The longer Dragonite flies, the less gauge (DMG) this move will inflict.
  • Dragonite is unstoppable while using this move.

Held Items

  • Muscle Band - This is a must for the Dragon Dance and Hyperbeam combo, as Dragonite's DMG will be based on Basic Attacks.
  • Score Shield - Dragonite can pressure the opposite team, constantly scoring and obtaining experience by remaining in the lane.
  • Buddy Barrier - Dragonite is weak against hindrances. The shield from this held item will give a much-needed boost to survivability.

Battle Items

  • Eject Button - The blink can be a lifesaver in most situations. Players can use it to reach the best positions for attacking when at an advantage and escaping when behind.
  • X-Attack - If you are going for a superlative damage option, the extra attack and speed attack will grant big numbers.

Dragonite playstyle is very straightforward, so this is a great Pokemon to get started on in Pokemon Unite to help learn the ropes of the game.

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