Will NHL 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

NHL 24 gameplay

NHL 24 gameplay

The newest edition of the popular ice hockey video game, NHL 24, is just around the corner. We already know everything about it, as discussed in previous articles. However, fans still have plenty of questions about the game, with one of them being "Will NHL 24 be on Nintendo Switch?".

EA Sports is surely aware that Nintendo Switch users raise this question due to the popularity of ice hockey. The sport is especially popular in North America, despite the demand not being as high as for football and basketball. However, the NHL is still one of the major sports and deserves to have its video game on the biggest platforms.

There are numerous sports games available for this beloved hybrid system, such as NBA 2K24 and EA FC 24. But what about NHL 24? Let's find out below.

Can we expect NHL 24 on Nintendo Switch?

Since its release in 2017, Nintendo Switch has become one of the most popular video game consoles. Up to this day, it sold more than 55 million units worldwide. Its portability makes Nintendo Switch highly popular among gamers. The fact that it is the fastest-selling console of all time is proof of that.

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Unfortunately, there still is no ice hockey video game made for this platform, as NHL 24 won't be coming to Nintendo Switch. This is a shame for gamers who were hopeful this was the year NHL would finally come to Nintendo Switch.

NHL 24 is available for both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but Nintendo Switch players are frustrated for not having an opportunity to play the game on their portable platform. EA Sports doesn’t have plans to release NHL 24 for Nintendo Switch in the near future, so it seems fans will have to wait at least one more year.

Why is NHL 24 unavailable for Nintendo Switch?

The last time an NHL game came out on any Nintendo system was more than a decade ago when NHL Slapshot was available on the Nintendo Wii in 2010. But why is that?

The most logical explanation is the console’s technical limitations. It could be a major factor as its GPU and processor power are not strong enough to create realistic visuals or detailed physics-based gameplay. This is something Mortal Kombat 1 fans can attest to. With a complex simulation such as ice hockey, it wouldn’t be possible to make NHL 24 for Nintendo Switch.

NHL 24 gameplay
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Another possible reason is licensing agreements. The NHL, like many other professional sports leagues, demands game developers to get a license in order to use player names, branding, etc.

Market considerations are also one of the reasons why NHL 24 will not be available for Nintendo Switch. Given that just 13% of all console owners own a Switch, investing resources into developing an ice hockey game for one platform doesn’t make financial sense.

Alternatives to hockey games on Nintendo Switch

While NHL 24 is unavailable on Nintendo Switch, several games for Nintendo Switch feature hockey, such as NHL Slapshot and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Still, this will likely not satisfy NHL fans.

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NHL Slapshot was the last hockey game made for Nintendo platform

Although it’s a long shot, the developers and publishers would have to work hard to get an officially licensed hockey video game in the future. Right now, there is no interest from Nintendo in doing so. But the fans of this hybrid console still hope that one day they will get a chance to enjoy an NHL simulation.

We hope this article answers all of your questions about this topic. For more guides and all the latest news about NHL 24, check out Realsport101.

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