NHL 24: When can players expect news?

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The summer brings a lot of speculation about the release date of the anticipated NHL video game. It will be the 38th edition of the EA Sports game, but we still don’t know many details about NHL 24.

Alongside the release date, the players are eager to know more about the official trailer, cover athlete, and deep dives. With the 2022-23 NHL season officially over and NHL 23 losing relevance, everybody is wondering when NHL 24 news will arrive.

Although we don’t know precise answers to these questions, we will use the past info and our expertise to give more details to the players. Stay with us and find everything related to the upcoming NHL 24 video game.

When can NHL 24 players expect news?

There are currently no announcements about the exact release date, but we are sure NHL 24 will arrive by the end of 2023. Considering past game releases, the players can expect release between October and December.

EA Sports usually releases an official trailer in late August. Last year, NHL 23 reveal trailer dropped on 25 August. Therefore, players can expect more news a month from now. But, before that trailer, the NHL 24 players will get the cover athlete reveal. In 2022, that info came out a day before the official trailer, and we can hope for the same in August 2023.

NHL 24 release date can be expected somewhere between October and December
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NHL 24 should be released later in 2023

For the last few years, EA Sports launched deep dives for every video game they published. These videos give more insights into the game, such as game modes, features, and different aspects of the title. Deep Dives usually come a week or two after the official reveal trailer and last for two to three weeks. Videos are published every few days during that period, meaning the players can expect those from mid-September to early October.

Players can expect the new edition of the game to be filled with many features, including improvements in graphics, lots of new rewards, and more advanced gameplay.

NHL 24 release date prediction

Considering the last three years, we can predict when NHL 24 will be released. The second Friday of October was the release day for NHL 21, NHL 22, and NHL 23. That means 13 October should be the date of the NHL 24 release. However, EA Sports still didn’t confirm this, but we can only assume they will not change this tradition and will stick with it.

We will make sure to give you more details as soon as developers announce news regarding NHL 24. Stay tuned.

Early access

The early access period should start a few days before NHL 24 release date. We already predicted October 13 as a release date, so the early access should be around October 10. Each of the previous three editions saw early access exactly three days before release, and we can hope for the same this time out.

Will NHL 24 be on PC?

The first EA Sports NHL video game was released in 1991. However, the developers stopped making it for PC after 2009 due to lower demand and lower popularity among PC gamers. There are still players who would love to see NHL 24 on PC, but it is highly unlikely they’ll get it.


Where can you play NHL 24?

PC gamers will be disappointed to know that NHL 24 won’t be released for that platform, but the ones who play on other platforms will be happy. Given all EA Sports' previous releases of National Hockey League video games, the latest edition of the title will probably be available on the current-gen and next-gen consoles. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms are covered, as well as PS4 and PS5.

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