NHL 23 Technical Test release date confirmed, Closed Beta is almost here

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NHL 23 is approaching fast, but some fans will get to dive into the Closed Beta before the game is even released.

Here's everything we know about the NHL 23 Tech Test and the release date on tap for codes to be delivered.

Latest - Release Date confirmed for NHL 23 Tech Test

While we'd already learned that codes for the NHL 23 Tech Test were planned for late August, EA stopped short of giving a confirmed release date at first.

However, we've now got news from NHL 23 Community Manager Clappy that they're almost here.

Codes for the NHL 23 Technical Test are set to be released on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at approximately 2pm ET.

Players that signed up for the Tech Test ahead of time need to keep an eye on the email they used at signup, as this is how codes will be delivered.

Once acquired, you'll likely have to use the code on your platform of choice to trigger the download and finally jump into things.

We don't yet know which game modes will and won't be included in the Tech Test, but it's possible that more story-based ones like Career Mode could be kept out of this closed beta.

NHL 23 Technical Test confirmed, how to sign up for the closed beta

With reveal season in full swing as NBA 2K23 and Madden 23 continue to drop major details, it's finally time for NHL 23 to join the fun.

Ahead of any cover athlete or trailer reveals, they've dropped new details about the upcoming NHL 23 Technical Test.

With the help of NHL Community Manager Clappy, the NHL 23 Tech Test was announced on Twitter with it set to begin in late August.

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FIRST LOOK: Some lucky players will get to play well before launch

As it has been in other years, this will be a closed beta with a limited amount of fans that sign-up receiving a code.

On top of that, this is a "CONFIDENTIAL" technical test with any sharing or capture of video, screenshots, or anything from the beta is strictly prohibited and could result in revoked access or long-term bans.

The registration also appears to confirm PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as the only platforms for NHL 23 as you have to choose at sign-up, but it's always possible EA has other platforms in mind that won't be included in this beta.

If you're ready to sign-up, head to the official NHL 23 Technical Test page here, sign in with your EA account, and then submit your registration.

Expected NHL 23 Beta Start Date, game modes

We'll get more details as the closed beta arrives, but looking back at the NHL 22 Technical Test can help us know what to expect.

Last year, the Tech Test started on Monday, August 30, 2021, and we expect similar timing with the NHL 23 beta release date likely being Monday, August 29, 2022.

As for game modes, it can vary year to year, and at tech test launch last year they only had World of Chel in the spotlight.

However, it's not uncommon for EA to do a closed beta with limited game modes only to unlock more after the beta has gone live.

However, we may not see Franchise or a Career Mode, as they could be saving those reveals for launch.

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