NHL 23: Cover Athlete Odds, Release Date, April Roster Updates

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We have some interesting news surrounding NHL 23 in terms of the cover athlete. Odds were released recently speculating on who will land the cover.

Along with that, we have some speculations on the potential release date of the game that we came up with by using prior releases.

Let's go over what we know about NHL 23 so far.


Latest - Cover Athlete Odds for NHL 23

An interesting report was released that displayed the betting odds for who will become the cover athlete for NHL 23.

Although the Stanley Cup Playoffs haven't yet finished, there are some favorites leading the pack. Depending on the result, we could see a new name enter the list.

NHL 23
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POTENTIAL COVER: Kirill Kaprizov made the odds for the cover athlete

Here are the top seven contenders for NHL 23 cover athlete and their odds (lower numbers mean higher odds of being chosen):

  • Nathan MacKinnon +200
  • Steven Stamkos +300
  • Kirill Kaprizov +350
  • Connor McDavid +400
  • Nikita Kucherov +500
  • Cale Makar +600
  • Adam Fox +1200

The NBA 2K23 cover athlete odds were also released along with these. To see those, follow this link.

NHL 23 Release Date

While nothing has been made official just yet, we can get a good idea of when NHL 23 will arrive by looking back at the last few releases in this ongoing franchise.

NHL 20 was released on September 13, 2019, but with NHL 21 the window shifted forward a bit by releasing on October 16, 2020.

NHL 23 release date
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THE VISUALS: NHL 22 looked better than ever, and NHL 23 should step that up even more

They repeated that this year, as NHL 22 was released on October 15, 2021, and we're expecting them to stick to that new window next year.

As such, the expected NHL 23 release date is October 14, 2022, which will once again fall on a Friday in the middle of that month.


Reveal Trailer

While development is already underway, we probably won't get our first glimpse of NHL 23 until a few months before that likely release date.

The NHL 20 reveal trailer landed a bit sooner on June 19, 2019, three whole months before release, but they've shrunk that window a bit the last two years.

The official reveal trailer for NHL 21 was released on Monday, August 24, 2020, and the reveal for NHL 22 landed on Thursday, August 19, 2021.

With that in mind, we'll likely see an NHL 23 reveal trailer released on Thursday, August 18, 2022, and it should bring some other big news.


NHL 23 Cover Athlete

One thing we can likely count on is that the NHL 23 Cover Athlete should get revealed along with the reveal trailer that announces the game.

These two are usually done together so that the cover reveal can trigger the launch of pre orders for the title, which companies tend to want rolling as soon as they get people's attention.

Auston Matthews got the nod this year, and some of the top players we could see next year include Leon Draisaitl and Nathan MacKinnon.

Sidney Crosby has also never gotten one despite his consistent dominance for more than a decade, so it would be great to see him finally get the honor.


EA Play Trial

While most details about NHL 23 remain unclear, one thing we can almost surely look forward to is an EA Play Trial.

EA Sports has become predictably standard this year with their 10-hour EA Play Trial, as this allows users to test the game out for themselves before buying.

Rather than gating features like some demos or trials have in the past, the EA Play Trial would offer unfettered access to all of the features in NHL 23.

However, it will come with a time limit, and after 10 hours of gameplay players would be required to purchase the game in order to continue playing.

May Roster Update

The latest change in NHL 22 was a roster update, something that we should see more of in the future. Unfortunately, besides that, not much is going on.

IIHF World Championship players received updates during the last update. Now, you can play out the entire IIHF World Championship with the team of your choice

Here are a few of the players that received a ratings change during the last NHL 22 update:

  • Cale Makar - 92 OVR +1
  • Alexsander Barkov - 91 OVR +1
  • Igor Shesterkin - 91 OVR +1
  • Robert Thomas - 87 OVR +2
  • Moritz Seider - 86 OVR +1

To learn more about this update and everything else in NHL 22, follow this link.